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I Want To Sell You A Story  How to spin a convincing story

It's A Conspiracy!  Conspiracy theories as a new form of book-burning

The Eye And The Pyramid  Two of the most prominent symbols of the new religion

Here Come The New Gods  How rulers claim to be appointed by God to keep the people fearful

Technology, 2012 And A New Consciousness  The start of the technological revolution and the official birth of the new religion

ET And The Creation Of Man  The new Story of Creation to replace Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden

Agents Of Truth  'Truth' gurus who know about the new technologies and want to replace the current establishment

Selling The New Religion  Well known methods of advertising and PR to quietly convince the people

Man Made Revolutions  The changing new society and the battle for control

The Myth of the Illuminati  The reason for the promotion of an evil group who supposedly run the world

The Technological Revolution : The Reason for the New Religion  As technological progress increases as never before, some will no longer feel they belong in a society they don't understand. The New Religion aims to give these people answers and to make sense of the world around them

Technology, Conspiracies and New World Order  The reason for the modern day conspiracy movement