So you think you don't do religion? If so, you are not alone, but what if there is a brand new global religion being created and promoted right before your eyes and you just haven't noticed it? A new religion which is replacing all aspects of traditional belief systems with new updated versions, and as such is becoming accepted every much as previous religions? A new religion which, as Mankind enters the start of a Technological Revolution which will transform our lives as never before, continues the promise of previous religions to 'Help Make Sense of the World Around Us'.

If you are a 'New Ager', if you consider yourself a 'Conspiracy Theorist', if you believe in the existence of Extra Terrestrials, or if you see the year 2012 as one of significance to the Human race, you may already have bought into the teachings of the New Religion.

This website aims to show how the New Religion is being created and promoted through modern culture. It aims to show the problems the Technological Revolution may bring to Mankind and why there is a need for a new global belief system and it aims to show that, just as with all major religions throughout the world, there are those who seek to control this New Religion.

The articles in this website are the thoughts and observations of the author, myself. I do not claim them as necessarily correct and I don't wish to upset or offend anyone reading them. They are solely my thoughts on a wide variety of subjects which I see as being heavily promoted and I see as being linked. I may be totally wrong in everything I write here, but if you enjoy reading any of the articles on my website, and they give you something to think about, then I am happy!

Thanks for visiting my website and for taking the time to read this.


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