12 May 2013

Belief In The New God

The New Religion has slowly been replacing the idea of a traditional God with one of it's own. Whilst promoting a belief in God as unfashionable to those in the Western World, it has at the same time broken down all the elements which made up this former belief and provided it's own versions. Technological progress will satisfy many questions, such as who is responsible for shaping the world around us, but technology can not satisfy the Human desire to contact, and be united with, the invisible force of nature which
seems to be innate in Human behaviour. The New Religion has moved the idea of God from being external to Man and contactable through prayer, to being internal to Man and contactable through meditation.

This work has been achieved through two branches of the New Age Movement. The Esalen Institute in California has recently celebrated it's 50th anniversary. During this time, it has been the vehicle for the Human Potential Movement, and has been preparing us for the eventuality when Man himself attains God-like powers. It has been responsible for the promotion of Super Heroes through Hollywood films and TV spin-offs, the possibility of Humans possessing psychic abilities through movies, TV shows, and the promotion of such figures such as Uri Geller, and the encouragement of the visitors to it's seminars and workshops to write books, open shops and create websites to promote self-improvement, meditation, a belief in psychic abilities, and every area of fulfilling our individual potential, which has exploded in the last few decades.

Whilst the Esalen Institute and the Human Potential Movement have been preparing us for when technology allows Man to acquire God-like, Super-Human abilities, the New Age Movement has been addressing the Human desire to be in contact with the invisible spirits and forces of nature which Man has always tried to contact and be united with. Christianity provided a way to contact this force through prayer, and the New Religion has provided a way to contact this force through meditation.

The powers which have traditionally been attributed to God are soon to be acquired by Humans themselves through technological progress, and the desire to contact 'God' has been given an outlet by the New Age Movement.

Who Created the World and Environment Around Us?
Religions of the past answered this with a belief that for every act of nature, a god was responsible. A god controlled the weather, another made crops grow, another was responsible the giving and taking of life itself.
The answer now will be Humans themselves. Technological progress will allow us to shape the world in any way we choose.

The Gods (God) Have Powers Beyond That Of Humans
Technological progress will allow Humans to attain God-like, Super-Human powers. Artificial body parts such as limbs, eyes and brain implants will out-perform our natural ones, allowing us to see further, run faster, and have super-Human strength, microchips will allow us to read brain activity and give us psychic abilities
and the power of telepathy, new materials and power sources may even lead to clothes which will allow individuals to fly like Superman, and even the manipulation of the Human gene to make us immortal. Through
the work of the Esalen Institute and the Human Potential Movement, society will not be shocked to see these things.

God Is Omnipresent
The idea that God, or the Gods exits in all places at once has been addressed by the New Age promotion of Pantheism. The idea that a universal force exists throughout all of nature, including inside of Man himself has been promoted by the New Age Movement. As all things are connected through this universal force, we will  have the belief that we Humans will in fact exists everywhere throughout the Universe. David Icke is a prominent figure in creating the belief system of the New Religion, and when he encourages his followers to proclaim "I am infinite consciousness", this is an alternative way of saying "I am omnipresent". They are proclaiming "I am God".

The Gods, and God, has always been thought of as all-powerful with the ability to do anything the God chooses. Technology will continue to develop until again, Humans themselves have this ability.

The ability to know all has always been attributed to a God or Gods, but again this ability will soon be acquired by Humans. The Internet will continue to grow, all books and knowledge of the world will be available on-line, and each person will have the power to access this information, without the need of a keyboard.

Contacting God
Humans have always had the desire to contact and be united with their Gods, or God. Whether through taking hallucinogenic drugs in Shamanic rituals, dancing and chanting, by praying, or simply by placing hands on the walls of caves, the desire to contact an invisible force of nature, above that of Humans, seems to be a natural instinct of Humans. This desire will be fulfilled by the New Religion by the act of meditation. The New Age Movement has promoted it's belief in Pantheism, and now instead of contacting the Christian God by prayer, the Western World and the New Religion will contact the invisible force of nature through meditation.

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