6 Feb 2013

Conspiracies, Technology and A New World Order

The widespread promotion of modern day conspiracy theories is the result of a marketing campaign being run by technology companies and their supporters. The hidden agenda of this campaign is to -
  • force the introduction of major new technologies to solve many of the problems facing Mankind in the coming years, such as food shortages, energy requirements and environmental concerns
  • replace institutions such as the media, the financial system and the oil empire with new hi-tech alternatives
  • undermine and replace the Monarchies, Governments, and Religions of the Western World, and to redefine the global balance of power to create a new world order of political and economic influence, with technology companies at the top
This marketing campaign uses standard techniques developed by men such as Ivy Lee and Edward Bernays, and now widely used by PR companies to promote a belief and to encourage acceptance of an ideology (see Selling the New Religion). These techniques include the formation of protest groups; the use of supposedly independent frontmen acting as concerned citizens; and the use of the appropriate media to reach it's target audience, in this case the Internet and social networking to reach the mainly young adults favoured by ideological movements.

The Illuminati and Suppressed Technology

The Conspiracy Movement is a significant part of this PR campaign, and the conspiracy theory which underpins all others is that of a group popularly referred to as the Illuminati. The supposed existence of the Illuminati is not only building the belief system of the new global religion (see The Myth of the Illuminati), it is also designed to forward the agenda of technology companies and their supporters; the introduction of major new technologies to benefit Mankind and to replace traditional institutions with hi-tech alternatives.

It is claimed the Illuminati actively suppress any new technology which could be used for the greater good of Mankind, such as new forms of cheap, clean energy and new medical breakthroughs to cure disease. The suppression of technology by the Illuminati is widely accepted in the conspiracy movement, and the subsequent demand for the release of these technologies is the desired result of the technocratic marketing campaign.

These new technologies have already been developed and it is inevitable they will be introduced in time. There is, however, a conflict to when this will happen, between the technology companies who have spent many years and great expense in their development, and the governments of the world who create the framework for society to function, and are reminded of the social problems of the Industrial Revolution when major new technologies were introduced without suitable infrastructures.

Technocrats see the governments of the world and the leaders of global institutions as unwilling or unable to implement the changes in their moral, ethical and legal philosophies which would be needed for the successful introduction of the major new technologies, so the PR campaign of the Conspiracy Movement encourages the idea of these technologies being actively suppressed by the Illuminati, and promotes the members of the Illuminati as being the current leaders of world governments and global institutions.

Technocrats believe they have the knowledge and expertise to maximise the potential of the new technologies available to Mankind, and they believe it is only through their leadership of global institutions that this potential can be achieved. The Conspiracy Movement therefore is also designed to undermine the monarchs, governments and religious leaders of the world and there is a widespread program of propaganda designed to achieve this aim.

Anti-Establishment Propaganda

The desire of technocrats to place themselves as the leaders of global institutions requires that the current ruling elite have to be removed. The Conspiracy Movement is designed to undermine the monarchs, governments and religious leaders of the western world using a widespread program of conspiracy theories and propaganda aimed at, but not exclusive to, the following groups and the various departments, agencies and organisations attached to them -
  • The US Government
  • The British Government
  • British Royal Family
  • The Pope and the Vatican
The Conspiracy Movement is creating the belief that the ruling elite and the established institutions of the world are acting against the public and are conspiring to commit acts of violence against them. A combination of truths, half truths and complete fabrications combine to portray any disaster, terrorist attack or outbreak of disease as a deliberate nefarious act by those in charge of world affairs.
The current Establishment are attacked both individually and as a collective. They are accused of committing terrorist offences against their own people, of deliberately starting wars, of being practising Satanists, running global paedophile networks and of deliberately triggering earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. They are accused of a program of population control by the spreading of man made viruses and the spraying of poisons using civilian and military aircraft, and they are accused of being complicit in the murder of every pop star, world figure or anyone of popular appeal who is killed or dies in unnatural circumstances. Every attempt is made to portray the current Establishment as acting not for the people, but against them, and every attempt is made to portray the mainstream media and those in public office of collaborating to cover up these acts.

Anti Establishment conspiracies, and the belief that the current ruling elite and their institutions are nefarious by nature, are so heavily promoted they are crossing over into mainstream culture. The belief that the US Government was complicit in the attacks of 9/11 is widely known to the general public, and as the campaign to place technocrats at the head of global institutions for the new age of technology intensifies, these beliefs threaten to become a significant part of the political and cultural agenda.

Zeitgeist - The Movie, and the Agenda

The political and cultural mood of a given society is often summed up by the use of the word 'zeitgeist' which roughly translates as 'the spirit of the time'. The word has been taken as the title of an Internet based film and documentary, and it's contents have contributed heavily to encourage the current mood of anti establishmentism. The film is called 'Zeitgeist, The Movie'.

Many of the claims made by the film have been widely refuted, and it's use of a heavily edited version of a speech made by President Kennedy, shortly after the Bay of Pigs failed invasion, shows that in deliberately misleading the audience it does have a definite agenda.

Zeitgeist, The Movie opens with emotive scenes of war, genocide and footage of the attacks on the Twin Towers, and immediately continues with an audio statement pointing an accusative finger at those it holds responsible for the atrocities just witnessed by the audience -
"The more you begin to investigate, what we think we understand, where we came from, what we think we're doing, the more you begin to see we've been lied to. We've been lied to by every institution. What makes you think for one minute the religious institution is the only one that's never been touched? The religious institutions of this world are at the bottom of the dirt. The religious institutions in this world are put there by the same people who gave you your government, your corrupt education, who set up your international banking cartels. Because our masters don't give a damn about you or your family, all they care about is what they have always cared about and that is controlling the whole damn world."
The film is told in three parts, each section designed to reinforce the message that the current political and religious institutions of the Western World have continually lied to the public for their own interests, and not of the people they claim to serve.

Part 1 : The Greatest Story Ever Told

Part 1 aims to undermine the very basis of the current dominant religion of the Western World, Christianity. It relies heavily on what is known as 'The Christ Myth' which claims the story of Jesus was not based on an actual historical figure, but was instead an astrological construct and the continuation of previous solar deities worshipped by other sects, cults and religions.

A new global religion is being created for the new age of technology (see The Technological Revolution : The Reason for the New Religion), and as the State and religion go hand in hand, technocrats aim to become not only the leaders of the new society but also spiritual leaders of the new religion (see Here Come the New Gods).

'911 Was an Inside Job'
Part 2 : All The World's A Stage

Part 2 is an attack on the prominent political institution of the Western World, the US Government. It aims to convince the viewers that not only did the US Government fail to protect it's citizens, but was actually complicit in allowing the attacks on the World Trade Centre to happen. This idea is a mainstay of the Conspiracy Movement and has given rise to the often heard phrase '9/11 was an inside job'.

Part 3 : Don't Mind The Men Behind The Curtain

As an attack on the global financial system, and particularly the US Federal Reserve, this section is preceded by the edited version of JFK's speech on Communism after the attempted invasion at the Bay of Pigs, and the need for secrecy prior to such matters from the national press. The edited version in the film is used as evidence of a secretive group of international bankers who manipulate world events from behind the scenes, with the title liking them to the Wizard of Oz behind his curtain.

Claims made by this section include the Federal Reserve forcing the US Government to become involved in three wars for economic gain, the creation of a North American Union as a step towards a One World Government, and the claim that people are to be implanted with RFID chips to monitor and control the public.

The Agenda

Zeitgeist, The Movie was made by Peter Joseph who is an outspoken supporter of the potential benefits of new technology for Mankind. He is also the founder of a wider campaign, the Zeitgeist Movement, and in 2009 he gave a presentation at the Maharishi University of Management, entitled 'Where Are We Going?' which gives an insight into the agenda of anti establishment propaganda promoted by Zeitgeist The Movie and the Conspiracy Movement. The talk is on the potential role of technology in the future society, and of the reasons why this new society would be best managed by those trained and skilled in the use of technology  -

"......The thing is, that it’s really difficult for any traditional establishment to really keep moving forward without eventually giving in to the beauty of the advancement of technology and what it can do for us.....
 ......We have to remember that we entrust our lives to science and technology every single day, and to the people that work with this technology. When you have a problem with your car, you don’t take a vote from your neighbours as to the solution, you go to somebody that works in that particular field who knows what they’re doing.....
......The reality is, institutional establishments meaning institutions of both traditional codified thought and institutions with societal influence and power meaning – meaning philosophy dogmas on one hand and corporations and governments on the other each have a high propensity to engage in denial dishonesty and corruption to maintain self-preservation and self-perpetuation....."    
                                                                                         (video and full transcript available here)

As the final words appear on the screen of Zeitgeist The Movie, the audience is left with a clear message of it's agenda and that of the PR campaign of the Conspiracy Movement; the undermining and removal of the established institutions of the Western World. Those final words state -

                          "The Revolution is Now"


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