1 Apr 2012

The Technological Revolution:The Reason For The New Religion

Mankind is on the verge of a Technological Revolution which will transform the world as never before. This revolution will see major changes in the world around us and in the way we live our lives.

The Technological Revolution has the potential to create a Golden Age in the history of Mankind, but there is also potential for widespread psychological and social problems as people start to feel disconnected and excluded from a society they do not understand.

The need to manage the social problems caused by the Technological Revolution is the driving force for the creation of the New Religion.

As the processing power of computers becomes ever greater, and new breakthroughs lead to further advances and an exponential rise in the rate of change, futurist Ray Kurzweil expects technological progress to advance as much in the next century as in the previous twenty thousand years.

This sudden dramatic rise in technological advancement will leave many people unable to keep pace with their level of understanding. This will leave them feeling disconnected from society and is likely to result in widespread social problems.

The result of "too much change in too short a period of time" has been called 'Future Shock' by futurist and writer Alvin Toffler and is the subject of his 1970 book of the same name.

This 'Future Shock' needs to be managed and the New Religion will provide alternative explanations for the emergence of the new technologies; explanations which sound plausible and believable and will offer a level of understanding to those affected by 'Future Shock' so they can continue to feel a part of society.

The Technological Revolution is driving the creation of The New Religion and some of it's core beliefs, such as -
  • The Modern Day Conspiracy Movement
  • The End of the World in 2012 
  • The New Age Movement
  • A Big Brother Style Dictatorship to Enslave Mankind

The End of the World and A New Age

The Start of the Technological Revolution
and the Birth of the New Religion
December 21 2012 will be the official birth of the New Religion and will also mark the start of the Technological Revolution.

A long running marketing campaign has conditioned society for possible changes from the year 2012 (see Technology, 2012 and a Shift in Consciousness). Some have accepted doomsday scenarios and are awaiting the end of the world, others are predicting the fulfilment of Mayan prophesies of transformation and rebirth, and millions are aware of the idea of a 'New Age'.

The coming New Age is in fact the New Age of Technology, and the Technological Revolution will indeed mark the start of a transformation for Mankind and for the planet. The introduction of new technologies will provide the answer to many problems facing a growing population such as the world-wide food supply, energy needs and environmental considerations. The new technologies will also mean major changes for traditional institutions such as governments, the media and the banks, and although the world will not end in 2012, it will mark the beginning of the end for the current society and our current way of life.

An End to Pollution and a Clean Planet The burning of fossil fuels to provide power will soon end as cleaner forms of energy are introduced. Hydrogen fuel cells will provide the energy to power industry, transport and our homes and the only bi-product will be oxygen. The air will become clean and the effects of the pollution on the environment will be reversed.

The End of Factory Farming?
Growing Meat and the End of Intensive Farming NASA started trials of in vitro meat production as a means to feed astronauts on extended trips in space, and this research has been further developed as an alternative to traditional animal farming. Growing many tonnes of meat from the stem cells of a single animal is seen as a possible answer to the food needs of a growing global population, requiring less resources than traditional meat production and with a lesser impact on the environment. Meat products are near to being available in the shops with milk, eggs and cheese predicted to follow.

Illness and Disease. Advances in biotechnology, nanotechnology, and computer processing, together with further understanding of the Human genome will transform medical treatment in the coming years.
Synthetic blood will end shortages and the need for donors; video cameras will transmit data through cells on the tongue and on to the brain to enable the blind to see; intelligent bio materials will stimulate stem cells and regenerate damaged tissue, and chips will be placed in the brain to enable paralytics to move their limbs.
The ability to cure illness and disease, together with advances in anti-ageing research has some scientists claiming that a child born today could potentially live forever.

Making Sense of the World Around Us

The world is changing at a fantastic rate with each day bringing technological developments which leave many puzzled as to how it has been possible. Today's advancements are minor to those which will soon be achieved, and as the gap widens between technological progress and our ability to comprehend, so too will the severity of the 'Future Shock' to individuals and to society. The New Religion aims to lessen this shock by providing alternative answers to how this progress has been possible.

Thanks for the Memories It will soon be possible to have a memory of an event experienced by an entirely different person. Electrical signals from the brain will be downloaded to a computer and stored or digitally manipulated. A courtroom will determine guilt and innocence by scanning the brain of the accused, traumatic events will be deleted from a person suffering psychological problems, and dreams may be watched back when we awake. The reverse will also be possible, as we are able to upload electrical signals to our own brain. The memories of rock stars, sportsmen and porn stars will be available as entertainment, and it is predicted that within thirty years, education will be transformed as schoolchildren directly upload knowledge matrix style.

Print Anything You Want
Straight Into Your Living Room
Printing Human Body Parts 3D printing has revolutionised manufacturing and will soon move to the domestic market to allow us to print our own solid objects at home.
An artificial jaw bone has been printed by a machine and implanted in a human patient and bio-compatible materials are being developed which will act as a framework to attach living cells. This technique will allow human body parts and organs to be printed specifically designed for each patient.

Holograms and Driverless Cars Autonomous cars carrying passengers have been road tested by both BMW and Google and are seen as a possible answer to ever growing traffic congestion. Proximity sensors, GPS systems and computer processors combine to allow safe travel in close formation and will offer an alternative to the construction of ever-wider roads.
Japanese Virtual Pop-star Hatsune Miku

Holographic technology has already seen pop stars, news readers and politicians performing in public and the technology is sure to be used in many applications in the coming years.

Driverless public transport systems are likely to be introduced and as many Humans need to feel that someone is in control, we can expect to be greeted by a holographic bus driver who will then appear to drive us to our destination.

The Enslavement of Mankind

The New Religion promotes the belief that the Human race is to be enslaved by a group called the 'Illuminati' (see The Myth of the Illuminati) and it is claimed this group have developed and acquired technologies designed for this purpose. The New Religion is using the myth of the Illuminati to explain the introduction of these technologies and is spreading fear of enslavement to keep it's followers asking for support and guidance.
“Religion is based primarily upon fear. It is partly the terror of the unknown and partly as the wish to feel that you have a kind of elder brother who will stand by you in all your troubles and disputes. Fear of the mysterious, fear of defeat, fear of death.” - Bertrand Russel  

The new technological society will see us connected more than ever, with our medical records, work history, and our shopping habits stored on-line and available to those with access to the relevant database.

Computer Chipping of the Population - RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) allows data from an object to be transferred wirelessly for tracking and identification. The system is used in bus-passes, entry systems, in factories and in airports, and livestock is tagged to help control disease.

RFID chips are very cheap to produce and their use will be widespread. Information on passports and travel documents will be readable by machine, mobile phones will be linked to our bank account to allow for payment of goods, and RFID in clothing detected in a changing room, will generate an image of the customer wearing the garment.

RFID tags suitable for Humans are available and have the potential to track missing children, to gain access to restricted areas and to prevent identity theft. The potential for abuse raises concerns for privacy and it is this fear which is being encouraged by the New Religion.

Tracked By The Internet When we shop on Amazon, we leave clues to our hobbies, interests, background and income, and this information is used to recommend other books we may be interested in. This personalisation of the Web is also seen when adverts appear for goods connected to our web-searches, and this will become a normal part of our daily experience as we stay permanently on-line.

Information will come to us instead of having to search for it. Advertisements will be tailored to the individual and appear wherever we go, news feeds will carry different headlines to different users depending on their interests, and Google will know us so well it will develop a search engine to bring us information we want without us needing to search for it.

Even Our Clothes Will Spy on Us! Athletes are now wearing garments with in-built computer chips to monitor their performance and physical condition. These garments will soon be available on the High Street and will allow us to stay permanently on-line, without the need for a hand-held device. They will allow us to access our personal information wherever we are and they could even save our life.

If we suffered a heart attack while out alone, our clothes will detect this, call the emergency services, and give our location and our condition. They could download our medical records, and could even administer treatment and medication.

We Can See You! Face recognition software is becoming standard to unlock our personal computers and phones. This technology is advancing so rapidly it will soon be possible to take a persons' photo and find a match on-line. We will find our friends in a crowd by scanning with our phone, and CCTV cameras will allow those with something to sell to add to our on-line profile by noting the shop windows we browse in, the people we talk to and even what mood we are in.

Creating A New Religion

The Technological Revolution will create a world dramatically different from that which has gone before. The exponential rate of technological progress will leave many feeling disconnected from a lack of understanding, and the New Religion will offer explanations to fill this void so they can continue to feel a part of society.

Mankind's advances in scientific knowledge and understanding have been slowly eroding peoples' belief in traditional religions and they are increasingly seen as outdated and implausible.

The Biblical Story of Creation is being replaced by one of Alien visitation and genetic manipulation of Man (see ET and the Creation of Man); the idea of an omnipotent God who is external to Man is being exchanged with one which is internal, within Man Himself; and the Battle between Good and Evil is now being fought not with a Supernatural or Unearthly Being, but with an evil enemy of this world identified as a group of real people, though still every bit as mythical as previous representations (see The Myth of the Illuminati). As science and understanding continues to unlock the mysteries of life, traditional religious beliefs about the World and our place within it will eventually become obsolete.

The Technological Revolution is creating the need for a New Worldwide Religion, one to replace traditional belief systems made redundant by science and technological advances, but modern technology is also providing the means to practice this New Religion.

Websites and forums are replacing churches as places to congregate and to engage with others of the same belief. DVDs and You Tube allow followers to listen to the prophets and the reading of new scriptures (see Agents of Truth), and donations given to continue the important work are received not on the collection plate, but instead via Pay Pal.

This new belief system does not at first appear to be a religion, but by taking components of previous successful religions and updating them to newer modern versions, the New Religion allows it's followers to accept the teachings as realistic and plausible. These new teachings appear to make sense of the world we live in today, and they are being listened to and are becoming accepted as much as the teachings of the early Christians 2000 years ago, and just as the early Christians promoted these teachings as 'The Truth', so too do the early members of the New Religion.


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