26 Sep 2011

Selling The New Religion

Advertising is designed to sell a product, but there is also a form of advertising designed to sell an idea or a belief. This form of advertising goes largely unnoticed but appears everywhere from newspaper columns, TV shows, books, magazines and Hollywood movies. It's called 'Perception Management' and has been used over many years to change our opinions of the people, and the events, that shape our everyday lives.

The techniques used to sell these beliefs are so powerful and so widely used, it prompted one past master to write,
"Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country"
The methods used by these manipulators are driving the most successful marketing campaign ever conducted. It is a marketing campaign which is laying the foundations for a new belief system designed for a new hi-tech society, and a new religion for the new millennium.

Listen To The Experts

In the 1920s, the breakfast of choice for many urban Americans was a light one consisting of juice, coffee and toast. That changed when one man successfully adjusted the eating habits of an entire nation and in doing so invented the new breakfast, and the new term of  'Bacon and Eggs'.

The man's name was Edward Bernays. He was the nephew of Sigmund Freud and he used mass psychology to change the public's perception of what a breakfast should be.

Bernays knew customers would be suspicious of claims made by a product's manufacturer but would be far more trusting of someone they saw as an independent expert. Knowing this, he had 5000 physicians state that a hearty breakfast was the most important meal of the day, and he then promoted bacon and eggs as a suitable example. People bought into this belief and sales of bacon increased.

The new religion is managing our perception of the world around us and like Edward Bernays, it too is spreading the word by using independent experts to create a belief which people will accept.

This new belief system will be rejected if coming from the voice of a government, the UN, or a corporation, and it will also be rejected if it goes by the name of 'religion'. To overcome this the priests and prophets of the new religion are billed as independent researchers, and the label attached to their research is not 'religious belief', but that of 'The Truth' (see Agents Of Truth).

We Want To Be Free!

Another marketing ploy by the new religion is to play on our desire to be 'free'. The new religion preaches of enslavement by an 'evil elite' and encourages it's followers to break free from this servitude. The evil elite are said to practice an ancient belief system which is the source of their power, and if we want to be free from their evil, we must be equal to them and we must practice the same belief system. This is not a belief system from ancient times though, it is the belief system of the new religion, one we are taught to aspire to and to buy into, exactly as the marketing men desire.

In 1929 the president of the American Tobacco Company, George Washington Hill asked Edward Bernays if he could persuade women to smoke more. At the time it was unacceptable for women to smoke in public and Hill saw this as the reason for a shortfall in sales.

Bernays had already increased sales of 'Lucky Strike' cigarettes through his promotion of the 'Green Ball', an event to make fashionable the colour of the Lucky Strike packaging at the time, and so he accepted the job.

It was a time of great change for society and especially for women. They had recently won the right to vote, and the first world war saw them filling roles traditionally reserved for men. Bernays used this new found independence to persuade women they should have the same right to smoke in public as men, and this desire to feel equal and free was used by Bernays who promoted the cigarettes as 'Torches of Liberty'.

On Easter Sunday 1929, Bernays arranged for a group of debutantes to walk along New York's Fifth Avenue openly smoking cigarettes, and he told reporters to be ready with their cameras. The stunt worked well and newspapers across the country covered the story with the accompanying photographs. There had already been a strong push by womens' groups against this taboo and the 'torches of freedom' campaign helped to further that goal.

To readers of the newspapers, the pictures of young modern women flaunting their cigarettes in public was inspiring. They appeared to be free and liberated and others wanted the same. What they didn't see however, was the hidden hand of Edward Bernays and the tobacco company, and they did not know the story was totally contrived to make women buy more of their product.

Later in life when health problems associated with smoking were better understood, Bernays said of his original publicity stunt of the Green Ball, "had I known in 1928 what I know today I would have refused Hill's offer".

The new religion is also playing on this desire to be free. It preaches of future enslavement and is providing solutions to break free from this servitude. In the same way as the 'Torches of Freedom' campaign, the new religion is managed for us to believe that we have power for change, and that we are the driving force to make it happen.

The Evil Enemy

The new religion preaches of an 'evil elite' who have enslaved Mankind throughout history. This propaganda is an attempt to dislodge the current ruling Establishment and we are being encouraged to call for their removal (see It's A Conspiracy). This tactic has been used before, with a famous case being the Iraqi regime under Saddam Hussein.

False Testimony
In 1990 when Iraqi troops crossed the border with Kuwait, the US Government needed to protect their oil interests and had to sell the idea of military intervention to the American public.

When a fifteen year old girl called Nayirah appeared on camera and testified to Iraqi soldiers entering a hospital and removing babies from incubators, the public were outraged and it was this which marked the turning point in the acceptance of military operations.

The hospital incident did not happen though. The girl was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US and she had been coached to read her testimony and to show the required emotions. The press conference with the girl was carefully stage managed for the world's media and was filmed by PR firm 'Hill & Knowlton'. The false testimony was then shown on prime-time US news reports that very night.

This story was repeated often by the media and even by President Bush himself, and it was very successful in reinforcing the myth of Iraq as the 'evil enemy'. The new religion uses the same tactics and has created another force of 'evil', and again we are being encouraged to call for their removal.

New Versions of Old Tricks

The new religion uses modern versions of techniques developed by another founding father of the public relations industry, Ivy Lee. These techniques have been updated for the age of the Internet but the purpose and the outcome are the same; to change our perception of world events and of those behind them.

In 1914, the Colorado National Guard opened fire on a tent colony which was home to striking coal miners and their families. The death toll reached over 20 including two women and eleven children who had suffocated when their tent had been set alight. The incident became known as the 'Ludlow Massacre'.

Preparing to enter the camp
The Ludlow mine was owned by the Rockefeller family who were already disliked for their monopoly of the oil industry. John D Rockefeller Jnr enlisted the help of Ivy Lee to change the public's perception of the incident, and of the family itself.

Ivy Lee managed the crisis with a campaign of disinformation. He printed leaflets with false claims that the children's deaths were caused by an upturned stove, attacked the character of leaders of the resulting protests, including claims that a woman known as 'Mother' Jones ran a brothel, and he wrote ghost letters to newspapers supporting the decision of the local Governor to deploy the troops.

Ivy Lee aimed his propaganda at specific targeted audiences and used techniques tailored to each group.

  • Pamphlets were printed extolling the comforts of a company-run camp and these were sent to miners' wives
  • To appeal to voters, he ran stories of good deeds by the Rockefeller family which had benefited the State of Colorado
  • He wrote favourable articles for magazines, and sent personalised letters to influential clergymen
  • Arranged a meeting between Rockefeller and Mother Jones which had the union leader proclaiming Rockefeller to be 'misunderstood'.
The propaganda of the new religion is also tailored to different groups and to different personalities. Those of a spiritual nature are catered for with the new age movement, cynics and militants find plenty to believe in conspiracy theories (see It's A Conspiracy), and the general public are influenced by symbols of the new religion through movies, music videos and even clothing brands, remembering Ivy Lee's teaching that "Crowds are led by symbols and phrases" (see The Eye And The Pyramid).

The Hidden Hand

Since the days of Ivy Lee and Edward Bernays, PR firms have been quietly promoting the interests of their clients, and quietly forming our perception of the world and of those in charge. The new religion uses the same techniques and is running the most important marketing campaign ever devised.

Burson-Marsteller is one of the foremost PR companies in the world. With offices in 81 countries, they offer a wide range of services to corporations and to governments and they specialise in crisis management. Whether it's an environmental disaster, a war, or a human rights issue, Burson-Marsteller is one of the first to be contacted.

Clients have included Babcock & Wilcox for the Three Mile Island nuclear meltdown, Union Carbide after the Bhopal Chemical disaster, and the Saudi Arabian Government who contacted them three days after 9/11 to counter stories of their involvement in the attacks. As recently as 2011 Burson-Marsteller acted on behalf of Facebook to launch a smear campaign against Google claiming privacy infringements and breaking of regulations. They say,
"Our clients are global companies, industry associations, professional services firms, governments, and other large organizations. Clients often engage Burson-Marsteller when the stakes are high: during a crisis, a brand launch or any period of fundamental change or transition".
The new society with it's advanced technologies will see the biggest fundamental change and transition ever to affect Mankind and it will need to be managed.

Burson-Marsteller promotes new technologies through it's Technology Practice, but where they are highlighting the benefits of these new technologies for their corporate clients, the new religion is spreading negativity, fear and anxiety.

Ogilvy & Mather are part of the same WPP group as Burson-Marsteller and are working in China to change the ideology of an entire nation.

The PR firm has teamed up with the Communist Youth League of China to run training courses which university students are required to attend. Students on these courses learn how to sell fruit and mobile phones, fertilizer to farmers and to teach children to draw pictures of Mickey Mouse, the mascot of the Disney Corporation and a symbol of the US and of Capitalism itself.

Ogilvy & Mather are changing the ideology of an entire population, and in the same way the new religion is changing the mindset and the world view of it's many followers, who in turn encourage others to 'wake up' to their version of world history.

The Rendon Group is owned by John Rendon, who claimed in 1998 to be 'an information warrior, and a perception manager'.

They specialise in public communication systems for it's clients, and the formation of groups which give the impression of a widespread movement.

Past projects include the creation of a London-based TV production studio for the exiled Kuwaiti Television, establishing the Iraqi Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) and Radio Hurriah (Freedom Radio) to broadcast anti-Iraqi propaganda from Kuwait, and the formation of the Iraqi National Congress, a coalition of Iraqi and Kurdish opposition groups to gather information, recruit dissidents and distribute propaganda.

This practice of creating opposition groups which appear to be natural and legitimate is continuing with the new religion, giving the impression of a grass-roots movement calling for changes. These changes will happen and it will appear to be as a result of the demands of the people.

Front Companies and Fake Grass-Roots

These PR firms all exist to provide an alternative mouthpiece for the corporations and governments to promote their message. They are the beneficiaries of the well used practice of 'putting your words in someone else's mouth'.

Independent experts, and those who seem genuinely concerned and committed are used as frontmen to forward the agenda. They often create front companies to sway public opinion and to do the bidding of the corporations, and they have impressive sounding names. Examples have included -

  • Information Council on the Environment (ICE) - Created by corporations affected by laws to control climate change, including the National Coal Association, Western Fuels Association, and Edison Electrical Institute, and their stated aim was to 'reposition global warming as theory (not fact)'
  • Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) - Created by one of the largest corporations in the world, Koch Industries, to restrict government taxation. They campaigned for 'less government, lower taxes, and less regulation'.
  • International Freedom Foundation (IFF) - organisation to oppose Communism, and said to have been financed by South African Apartheid. Responsible for portraying Nelson Mandela and others as terrorists and supporters of Communism, and recruited many to oppose sanctions on South Africa.

  • Citizens Commision on Human Rights (CCHR) - Front group for the Church of Scientology created to promote views against psychiatry and psychiatric medication.

  • Centre for Consumer Freedom (CCF) - represents firms in the food and drink industry and attacks those trying to reduce smoking, drinking, animal cruelty and genetic engineering among others.

Some of these front companies appear to be spearheading 'grass-roots' movements but they are fakes and this practice of fake grass-roots has been given the name 'Astroturfing'.

The new religion is an astroturf movement. It gives the impression of being a real grass-roots movement of concerned citizens wanting a better world, and will achieve this by calling for the removal of our leaders and institutions. They will be removed and replaced by new technologies, and the fake grass roots movement of the Truth Movement and the new religion will appear to be victorious and they will claim to be free.

The New Religion and the Real Secret Government

The ideas and beliefs which PR campaigns instill are not always to the exclusive benefit of governments, corporations and organisations. These campaigns can also benefit the whole of Mankind, and they can inspire us to be creative and imaginative to pursue the fulfillment of our potential as a species.

In 1929 Edward Bernays ran a campaign to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the incandescent light bulb, an invention by Thomas Edison which greatly enhanced many lives. A ceremony was arranged to honour this landmark, and attendees included President Hoover, Henry Ford, Marie Curie and Orville Wright. For maximum exposure, the six months leading up to the event was used to run stories highlighting the benefits of the electric bulb, and a stamp was also issued to commemorate the occasion. The promotion was so widespread that on the day of the ceremony utility companies from around the world shut off their power supplies for one minute to mark the occasion.

People were reminded of the benefits of the lightbulb and of the part it had played in the advancement of Mankind, and after six months of publicity they were happy to be part of the celebrations. The public gave it's blessing and Bernays was to say, "Public relations had passed a milestone on the road to public understanding and respect."

The new religion is promoted using methods shown to be successful in perception management and public relations. And just as Bernays' campaign leading up to the 'Celebration of Light' was a prelude to the main ceremony, the promotion of the new religion is also preparing us for the main event, the introduction of major new technologies to advance Humanity as never before.

The time for these new technologies is fast approaching. A new belief system is needed to make sense of the new age and to establish a new moral framework for a society which will include new forms of interaction, and machines with Human-like intelligence.

The new religion has been preparing us for many years. It's symbols have entered our subconscious through Hollywood movies, music videos, crop circles and tattoos. It's spiritual teachings have been firmly embedded by the new age movement, and the new 'alien origins' story of creation has many believing in this possibility (see ET And The Creation Of Man). Even the battle between good and evil has seen Satan replaced by secret governments, Illuminati and Freemasons.

The Invisible Government

The following are the opening lines of Edward Bernays' book 'Propaganda'. He is not talking of an evil elite, he is not talking of the Illuminati or the Vatican or any other 'shadow government' promoted by the priests of the new religion. He is talking about Public Relations and it is they who manage our perceptions of the world and it is they who are reinforcing the new belief system which will form the basis of the new religion.
"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized
And he gives an insight to why so many are helping to achieve this and to why the promotion is so widespread, as he goes on to say,
"Vast numbers of Human Beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society" Propaganda, Edward Bernays
A world which functions smoothly and peacefully is the aim of the rulers of the new hi-tech society (see Here Come The New Gods) and this is also the purpose of the new religion.

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