10 Sep 2011

Agents of Truth

Mankind is about to enter a golden age. An age of new technologies which will have a dramatic effect on our lives and the world we live in.

These new technologies are seen as the answer to many of the problems facing Humanity in the years to come. Problems such as the world food supply, energy requirements, and environmental concerns.
The Corporations responsible for developing these technologies are playing a major role in the future of Mankind, and they want their place in the power structure of the new society.

In the new hi-tech society, established institutions such as Governments, banks, the media and the Church will be replaced by newer updated versions driven by new technologies, and the new religion is preparing it's followers for this eventuality.

  • New forms of Government will be created such as 'e-Governments'. These will offer greater interaction between Government and citizen and far more accountability for our leaders. This will be a necessary safeguard as a Government using modern technology will be open to abuse.

  • Traditional financial institutions will disappear as the markets are governed not by commodities like gold or coffee but by those of information, data and knowledge. Currency will move to a totally digital form, and in the new hi-tech society it will only take a generation for notes and coins to be seen as something from the dark ages.

  • New forms of media will be driven by technology and the Internet will mean the end for traditional mainstream medias of newspapers and TV. Independent media will have more power than ever before as the technologies become available to all.

  • Clean, renewable energy sources will mean the end of the oil and gas industries.

  • A new religion will be formed for the Western / Corporate World as Christianity is seen as outdated and out of step with our current level of understanding. This new belief system will help shape a moral framework designed for new forms of interaction, and for the possibility of machines achieving greater-than human intelligence.

These changes are inevitable. The established institutions have to be replaced, and there is a growing campaign for this to happen. When the current system ends, the new religion will claim victory over the forces of evil, and the people will believe it is because of their actions.

The priests and the prophets who run this campaign have adopted the name 'The Truth Movement'.

The Truth Movement

The Truth Movement is a mix of spiritual teachings, designed for the new hi-tech society (see 2012, Technology And A New Consciousness ), and conspiracy theories to undermine the current ruling elite (see here). The new society is near and so is the new religion, and the battle for control is on (see Here Come The New Gods).

The Truth Movement preaches of an 'evil elite'. A group who have supposedly controlled Mankind since the beginnings of time and are responsible for all that happens on the world stage.

The Illuminati are said to be a number of families, usually thirteen in number, who together with their ancestors have controlled Humanity throughout history. It is said they are finalising their plans for the complete enslavement of the Human race. The coming introduction of the new technologies will be used as evidence for this enslavement, and the priests of the new religion will encourage this view and will use the fear and anger of their followers to offer explanations and comfort.

These Illuminati 'bloodlines' are a clear reference to the European Royal Families and their US cousins who make up the current ruling Establishment of the Western World.

Freemasons are another group who supposedly have plans for world domination. They are said to be heavily involved in all the major institutions, including having complete control over the US Government.

There are many websites and videos claiming Freemasons to be the true secret rulers of the world. As well as politicians, celebrities are featured who appear to promote the Masonic agenda, and certain pop stars are said to flaunt Masonic symbols such as the Eye and the Pyramid. These artists are not promoting Freemasonry, but instead are promoting the symbols of the new religion (see The Eye And The Pyramid).

This attack on Freemasonry is an attack on the established institutions they are said to have infiltrated, and a call for them to be defeated.

The British Royal Family are the ultimate figure of the Establishment and are openly attacked as long time rulers of the world. They are portrayed as everything from Satanists to murderers and even Reptilian Shapeshifters.

The new religion aims to replace Christianity as the prominent belief system of the Western/ Corporate World and so the old Church has to destroyed. The Pope and the Vatican are heavily attacked in the same way as the British Royals, and there is an ongoing campaign designed to undermine the foundations of Christianity itself, with claims that Jesus was in fact a symbol of ancient sun worship.

It is this idea of an 'evil elite' that is spearheading the campaign of the Truth Movement. The failure to point the finger at one particular group is deliberate, but the message is clear. It is an attack on the Establishment and a call for it's removal.

The Truth Movement has many preachers, and the following promote views which are representative of the entire group. They are shown here to highlight their inside knowledge of the future technologies, and why some may be happy to see the collapse of the current Establishment.

David Icke

David Icke is the best known prophet of the new religion, regularly talking to sell-out crowds and has been very successful in promoting the new belief system.

David Icke is ex-Establishment who said he'd rather go to prison than pay his Poll Tax. He eventually paid, but the bad publicity together with a very public extra-marital affair with his psychic channeler, meant his contract was not renewed and he left the BBC.

David Icke campaigned on animal rights and environmental issues and became an official spokesman for the Green party, but it was his appearance and subsequent ridicule on the prime time BBC chat show 'Wogan' that resulted in a change of direction. He says -

"One of my very greatest fears as a child was being ridiculed in public. And there it was coming true. As a television presenter, I'd been respected. People come up to you in the street and shake your hand and talk to you in a respectful way. And suddenly, overnight, this was transformed into "Icke's a nutter." "
At the time of this humiliation, Icke had written and was about to publish his book 'The Truth Vibrations'.
'The Truth Vibrations' shows David Icke's early work to be one of genuine love for mankind and for the planet, and the main thrust of the book follows his attempts to address the problems facing planet Earth.

His work took a major turn after his appearance on the BBC's 'Wogan' , and saw a definite move towards global conspiracies and calls for the removal of the Establishment.

David Icke promotes all aspects of the new religion. His 'Infinate Consciousness' is a modern version of the concept of God, his theory of reptilian overlords supports the new Story of Creation (see ET And The Creation Of Man), and his Illuminati /Freemasons propaganda promotes the battle between good and evil.

Brian Gerrish

Another ex-establishment figure, who's job was to know about new technologies.

Brian Gerrish is ex-Royal Navy, achieving the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He is an expert in electronic warfare and he lectured on this subject at the Royal Netherlands Navy School of Warfare for two years.

Gerrish moved from chasing Soviet submarines during the cold war, to commanding HMS Orkney as part of the Fisheries Protection Squadron. He became disillusioned in this role and took early retirement.

Brian Gerrish makes no secret of his anti-Establishment stance, and he is a prominent figure with groups and websites designed to undermine the British Government.

The British Constitution Group say on their website -

"We, the British People have a right to govern ourselves. That right has been subjugated as a consequence of acts of treason having been committed by the collective political establishment, aided and abetted by corrupt segments of the judiciary, the police, the Church and the civil service.
Furthermore, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, whose position has been usurped by a corrupt House of Commons and who has been forced into the destruction of her Kingdom and the breaking of her coronation oath, no longer governs us in accordance with our laws and customs, as was the situation when she was elected by the people as our Sovereign and our Head of State."
Gerrish also runs a campaign and website, 'Common Purpose Exposed'. He claims the charity 'Common Purpose', who say they develop leaders to help society and organisations work together, are communists infiltrating and subverting British democracy and Government policy.

Brian Gerrish encourages the non-payment of UK Council Tax and the non-payment of the BBC TV licence, and is so anti-Establishment he even claims that Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill were traitors to their country.

Klaus Dona

The House of Hapsburg is one of the oldest and most important of European Royal Houses. They provided the majority of the Emperors for the Holy Roman Empire, and other titles they have held include King of the Romans, King of Spain, King of Hungary, King of England and Ireland, King of Portugal, and Emperor of Austria.

It was in the role of Archduke of Austria that Franz Ferdinand travelled to Sarajevo in 1914 and was assassinated. This helped start the first world war and the resulting victory for the allied powers meant the end of the Hapsburg empire of Austria-Hungary. The new society will provide the chance to regain some of their former power.

The Triumphal Arch
The Hapsburgs have long used art to promote themselves and their agenda. Maximilian I was Holy Roman Emperor when, in the early sixteenth century he commissioned three huge woodblock prints to promote the glory of the Hapsburgs. One of these prints, among the largest ever produced, was called the 'Triumphal Arch'.

Maximilian could have built a stone arch, as is commonplace, but he understood the power of an image, and he understood the power of the new technology of the time. This new technology was the printing press and it allowed Maximilian to use art to spread the word further than ever before.

Copies of the 'Triumphal Arch' were distributed throughout the empire and were intended to be displayed in important buildings and palaces as a visual reminder of the glory of the Hapsburgs.

The Hapsburgs have been keen promoters of art ever since and are again using new technologies, this time the Internet, for the purpose of propaganda.

Klaus Dona is 'Art Exhibition Curator' for the Hapsburgs in Vienna. As well as promoting cultural exhibitions on behalf of his employers, he also promotes the propaganda of the new religion.

He claims to have collected many objects from around the world that go against our official understanding of history. He calls these 'out of place artifacts' and claims they have been kept from us to hide the true secret past of Humanity.

Klaus Dona has a presentation called, 'The Hidden History of the Human Race' and it blatantly promotes much of the agenda of the new belief system. It features many of the symbols of the new religion, focusing heavily on the eye and the pyramid (see The Eye And The Pyramid), it promotes the theory of ancient advanced technology, preparing us for their forthcoming introduction, and it reinforces the idea of alien origins as the new Story of Creation (see ET And The Creation Of Man) with stories of the Anunnaki and of ancient reptilian worship.

Ian R Crane

Ian R Crane is a rising star of the new religion, and is fast becoming a challenger to David Icke as chief prophet for the Truth Movement, particularly in the UK.

Ian R Crane promotes himself as a former oil executive as a way to give credence to his supposed inside information, however, this is not the case as Ian R Crane's background is not in oil but in technology, having worked for both Schlumberger and Lucent Technologies, world leaders in their respective areas of technology.

Schlumberger is the leading provider of technology to the oil industry, and will be at the forefront in the development of new technologies to replace current energy sources of oil and gas.

Lucent Technologies are a pioneer of electronic communications and information technology, and a forerunner in the development of  'radio frequency identification' (RFID) chips.

These RFID chips will play a major role in the future hi-tech society as they allow automatic communication between person and machine. They are already used in many applications and can be manufactured small enough to be implanted under the skin, already commonplace for the tracking and monitoring of animals and pets.

It is the potential for the tracking and monitoring of citizens that is used to spread fear and anxiety by the priests of the new religion. RFID chips are promoted as a device to enslave Humanity by the 'evil elite', and it is this belief that Ian R Crane is a chief proponent of. His version of the 'evil elite' is one where the secret rulers of the world live by an occult belief system, and use magic and witchcraft to control world events.

Important dates of
 the new belief system
Ian R Crane uses his knowledge of the new technologies to promote all aspects of the new religion.

He promotes the idea of a shift to a higher level of consciousness (see 2012, Technology And A New Consciousness), provides an enemy for the battle between good and evil and spreads fear of enslavement, and is a chief campaigner of conspiracy theories designed to undermine the current Establishment (see It's A Conspiracy).

Ian R Crane is particularly keen on predicting future events, and it's his position as a former technology executive that provides the means for this.

Most intriguing is his long standing belief that the London Olympics 2012 will be used to stage a mock alien invasion, timed to coincide with the closing ceremony.
Ian R Crane is so confident of this and so keen for people to hear, he has even given an interview to 'The Sun' national newspaper, despite constant attacks on the mainstream media.

A false alien invasion may sound extreme, but a worldwide event such as the Olympics is sure to be used for propaganda purposes, and with 2012 marking the start date for the new religion, it's possible there will be a major event surrounding the games.

Lloyd Pye and Starchild Skull
Lloyd Pye
Lloyd Pye is a psychologist, a former US Military Intelligence officer and an author of fiction focusing on technology.

His works include the novel 'Mismatch', which won plaudits for it's portrayal of the use of technology and for which he paid credit to Naval Intelligence.

Lloyd Pye also tells the story of a strange misshapen skull which he claims to be of a hybrid human-alien. He calls this skull the 'Starchild Skull'.

The story of the Starchild Skull does not stand up to scrutiny, and accounts of it's provenance vary widely.

The common understanding is of a young Mexican girl finding the skull and keeping it hidden for years, but the reality is of a Government employee giving the skull to a couple who were interested in UFOs, Ray and Melanie Young, and telling them he thought it was alien. They were then told of a researcher who could help them investigate and a meeting was arranged. That man was Lloyd Pye. (Listen to Ray and Melanie Young tell their story here)

To date, Lloyd Pye has failed to show any evidence that the skull is of alien origins, and despite DNA tests showing both parents to be human, the Starchild Project continues.

Lloyd Pye knows of the coming new society and of the new technologies. He knows the new Story of Creation is one of alien origins and is promoting this idea further with works such as his 'Alien Origins' DVD.

Project Camelot

Project Camelot provides a platform for supposed 'whistleblowers' and claims to have been given information only known by high level members of the 'Secret Government'.
The whistleblowers and researchers they interview all promote the propaganda of the new religion.

Bill Ryan of Project Camelot worked for many years as a management consultant to some of the world's leading technology corporations, including BAe Systems and Hewlett-Packard.

From Project Camelot -

"For 27 years he was a management consultant specializing in personal and team development, leadership training and executive coaching"
Bill Ryan makes full use of this leadership training and executive coaching with Project Camelot, where his new career is not very different to his old one.

Kerry Cassidy worked for Hollywood film studios in production, development and new media, and after failing to get backing for a film about the Anunnaki, she turned towards the world of UFOs where she met Bill Ryan. She moved from producing Hollywood screenplays to promoting all elements of the new religion.

From Project Camelot -
"She speaks at conferences around the world on the subjects of ETs, the Illuminati agenda, mind control, the matrix, prophecies, 2012 and many other subjects"
What's in a Name?

Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy claim to have chosen the name 'Project Camelot' after spending time in Cornwall, synonymous with King Arthur and the Round Table, but with both trained in the social sciences it seems likely they would know of the controversial project conducted by the US army which also went by the name 'Project Camelot'.

In 1964 the US Army started a program called 'Project Camelot', a psychological warfare operation designed to monitor, manage and influence revolutions and insurgencies in third world countries. It was an overt project and letters were sent to scholars and universities to invite their input. 

Project Camelot was funded by the Special Operations Research Organisation (SORO), part of the US Defence Department, and this disclosure saw the end of it's operations in Chile and ultimately it's official termination.

The original 'Project Camelot' was named after T.H.White's book about the ideal society, 'The Once and Future King', and it is the ideal society which the new technologies and the new global religion hope to create.

The following is a quote from 'The Romance of American Psychology', by Helen Herman. University of California Press, E-Book Collection -

"Camelot's projected research plan bore all the telltale traces of the World War II-era conception of an ambitious and integrated behavioral science. Psychology, cultural anthropology, and sociology were all slated to make important contributions to the final goal of the project: a model of a social system experiencing internal war accurate enough to be predictive, and therefore useful, to military policy-makers"  source
With the new age of technology about to be revealed, and a major upheaval of society imminent, there is likely to be a period of turmoil and this will have to be managed.

Project Camelot is helping to control and manage this turmoil. The aim of the original Project Camelot was to provide solutions to social breakdown, and the aim of the new Camelot is the same. Part of this solution is a new belief system to help explain the new world, and Project Camelot and the Truth Movement are preparing the way.


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