1 Aug 2011

Technology, 2012 and a New Consciousness

When ocean-going passenger ships first discovered the possibilities offered by steam power, little did they know that their actions would help to create a future society that would be so different to the previous one, it would have to be explained with the help of a new global belief system. One that would include a widespread belief that Mankind was about to go through a spiritual transformation which would herald the start of a new golden age, and a shift to a higher level of consciousness.

The introduction of the new steam-powered passenger ships marked a major turning point in the history of Mankind. For the first time, regular scheduled trips could transport large numbers of people across the globe. Compared to the sail-ships that had existed previously, the new technology enabled shipping companies to offer fast, affordable and reliable travel to anywhere in the world. People used the new service in large numbers and emigration became common place.

This was the start of a new age for Man. An age where races would mix, cultures would merge and knowledge and insights would be shared.
The future would bring further new technologies like the telephone, the airplane and the Internet and these would revolutionise the way people would travel, the way they would interact and the way they would transfer and share knowledge.

Technological progress is moving quickly, and so is our desire for knowledge. Man is reaching new levels of understanding. He is evolving. It's happening quickly and we have to be prepared.

Sociologist Alvin Toffler talked about the new society in his 1972 book 'Future Shock'. He says that when the rate of technological progress overtakes people's ability to keep pace with their understanding, society starts to feel disconnected and this leads to many social problems. He calls this the 'future shock'.

It's this shock to the system that the new religion is aiming to manage. It will help to make sense of the world around us and it will offer comfort and understanding when we are affected by the future shock of a fully blown technological society.

Technological Impacts

When Man learned to harness fire it allowed Him to cook and absorb a wider variety of foods and he thrived. He could use it to protect against predators and he had light whenever he needed. He had the camp fire as the new communal meeting place and the people would sit around the fire and tell stories inspired by the flames. It brought comfort and safety and with fire being both productive and destructive it took on mystical properties and it has been worshipped by many people.

The ability of Man to harness fire had another, more long-term effect. It was once an act of the gods to provide fire, but now it was possible for Man to do the same. He could make his own fire and emulate the gods. This was an early step on the way to fulfilling his ultimate destiny. To become his own god.

The invention of the wheel has been responsible for more than just easier travel. With it's ability to convert rotational force into usable power, it has been used in many applications, like the mass production of pottery, the water wheel, and for cogs and gears.

Even now, thousands of years after the invention of the wheel, new uses are still being found. Modern applications of the wheel include the propeller, the jet engine and turbines.

These are all advancements that could not have been foreseen by the earliest users of the wheel but each one has had a significant impact on society.

The printing press had a profound effect on humanity. It took knowledge that had been kept for the few and gave it to the people. New books were printed in their millions and instead of works being written in Latin they were now in the language from where they were printed. Works of science and philosophy could now be read by many and this helped lead to the Age of Enlightenment and a marked increase in the knowledge base of society.
The widespread printing of books in the native language of the authors is seen as a major reason for the rise of nationalism throughout Europe as people became proud of their language and culture.

People also started to own their own bibles, and they no longer had to go to the priests for the word of God. They could read for themselves and this greatly aided the Protestant Reformation and reduced the influence of the Catholic church.

With more people having access to books, the reading experience changed and instead of listening to the book being read, people were now reading the words in their head. With the bible, this made Man's relationship with God a much more personal one and it was a further step towards placing God inside of Man, and Man himself becoming God.

The printing press was designed for the publishing of serious works, but it was soon being used for the spread of the 'frivilous' novel. People were absorbing themselves in this new world of fantasy, and story telling moved from the spoken word to the written word.

Author Marshall Luhan talks of this widespread acquisition of knowledge and the change to society in his book 'The Gutenberg Galaxy'. He describes a new Man who emerged from the introduction of the printing press and he labels this new man 'Gutenberg Man'. A new Man with a higher level of understanding will also emerge from the current technological revolution. The new religion will claim this has been caused by a spiritual evolution and he has already been given a label by some. This time it's 'Luminous Man' or 'Enlightened Man'.

One of many things made possible by the mobile phone is the sending of a text message. It was invented to help test engineers in their work and it is now used by the majority of people on a regular basis.

It's versatility is still being explored, but many of it's uses will be standard practice in the coming years.
  • encourages participation. People are getting used to placing votes by text and thinking it's fun. This can be used for future elections or for a new form of  'trial by jury' where the fate of the accused will once again be determined by the power of the thumb

  • ability to instantly organise groups. The creation of 'flash mobs' is becoming popular and the organisers of protests and rallies have been quick to spot this potential 

  • issuing of reminders and notifications. Whether it's a dental appointment or goods awaiting collection, it is becoming the norm to be notified by text. Companies are using it to keep their staff informed and in time it will be used to issue official notifications to individuals. The mobile phone will be a necessary tool in the new society and there will be no excuse for not receiving the notification. There will be no escape from the text message

The Internet is in it's infancy, yet already it has dramatically affected the world around us.

Newspapers and banks are being phased out as we switch over to on-line services. Many shops are closing as more of us like to browse and order from the comfort of our sofas.
We can plan trips, self-diagnose illness, study, and join social groups.
We can be entertained by TV, movies, music and video and we can access these things from anywhere we want to.

These are just some of the ways that society is changing from the one we are accustomed to but the changes to expect from the coming technological era go way beyond what is covered here. Life is about to change in ways that we can not yet understand.

Advances in food production, medicine, power and even clothing will be introduced in the coming years and they will create a world that will be totally alien to many people.

In the space of just twenty years, to make a phone call when away from home, we have gone from standing in a box with a pile of coins to walking down the street seemingly talking to ourselves, with nothing more than a small device discreetly placed behind our ear. Or we are looking at a face on a flip-screen as if in a scene from Star Trek, about to be beamed up. This is how fast technology can change society and when the full spectrum of available technology is introduced, then society will change like never before.

We are about to experience a revolution in the way we live our lives and the way the world around us operates. And we are about to acquire the knowledge and the technology to take humanity to another level entirely. If the harnessing of fire was one small step on the way to Man becoming God, then we are about to take one giant leap in the same direction.

It's being billed as a new age, a raising of consciousness, and a paradigm shift. However, these are only the effects of the coming new age. The cause is the technological revolution and it's about to be unveiled to the world.

2012 and a New Age

The technological revolution is upon us and we have to be ready for the world it will create.
We are entering a new era and we are being conditioned for it's arrival, with an emphasis on the year 2012 as it's starting point.
We are being prepared to expect many changes from that date and the hope is that the propaganda will minimize the effects of any possible 'future shock'.

We are being bombarded with religious doom stories of the end of days. An apocalyptic vision of the changes to come and of the end of the world.

Hollywood, TV and literature are heavily promoting the numerous possibilities of a global disaster heading our way in 2012. We can take our pick from a new ice age, a magnetic pole shift, asteroid impacts, solar flares, giant volcanic eruptions, a new global flood or any number of environmental catastrophes.

The campaign has been so successful that NASA has a website 'ask an astrobiologist' which has received e-mails from many people who are truly worried by what they have been hearing about the upcoming end of the world.

Man doesn't die out in these films though. A small group normally survives the turmoil and they go on to live happily in the new society.

These are not films about the literal end of the world, they are films about a major global upheaval and the start of a bright new age for mankind.

The Mayan culture of Central America has also been hijacked by the new religion. The Mayan Long Count calender is said to end on December 21 2012 and this is being promoted as a date for the end of an era and a major upheaval. This is not so though, and Mayan scholars say that no significance is placed on this date in Mayan accounts and the idea that the long count calender actually 'ends' on this date is not correct. The idea is similar to saying that our world will come to an end on December 31, without mentioning that a new calender will start the next day.

The New Age community have long held a belief in the dawning of a new age for Mankind and it generally goes by the name of the 'Age of Aquarius'. The idea was popularised in the sixties counter-culture and many know it as a song from the musical 'Hair'.

The Age of Aquarius is an astrological term referring to the succession of the equinoxes and although it's validity is questioned by many, it is a belief that is held by others.

Each Age is supposed to bring with it certain qualities, and the Age of Aquarius is said to usher in an age of reason, intellect and spiritual awakening. The perfect combination for any religion in a technological society. 

The date for the start of the Age of Aquarius varies widely, but slowly over time it has been linked with the 2012 phenomena, and there are numerous new age and self-help books that aim to guide people through the turbulent times ahead and awake their full potential in the coming new age for Mankind.

The New Consciousness

We are being prepared for a massive upheaval in society brought on by advances in technology. And to ease the pressure for those who might struggle with the change, we are being given a new belief system, a new religion.

The new religion will help to make sense of the rapidly changing world. It will bring comfort to those most affected by the upcoming 'future shock', and it will provide them with an enemy to fight as the cause of their angst.

The conspiracy movement is telling us that an Orwellian police state is soon to be imposed on Humanity. The Internet is warning of a coming society where technology will be used to enslave the public in a world of RFID chips, genetically modified foods, and iris recognition software. A world of digital currency and intrusion into every aspect of our lives.

They are right, these things will be introduced. Technological progress can't be stopped and it's human nature to find new ways to be more efficient and to improve our lot. Since the beginning of time Man has invented new tools to make his life easier and this will always be the case.

Technology has moved on so quickly, it has had to be held back. Society has not been ready. There are many new applications waiting to be introduced, and they are said to hold the solutions to some of the problems facing us now and in the future. Nano-robots to clean up pollution, GM food to combat food shortages, and new forms of power as alternatives to nuclear and oil.

Scientists of all kinds are excited about the benefits the future technologies hold for Mankind, and the time is now right for their introduction.

We have just entered a thousand year period in history that will be so different to the last one that by it's end, Man could be living in a distant galaxy, have evolved into a new species of man and machine combined, or be existing in purely digital form.

If a new global belief system is needed for the next thousand years, than the earliest possible date of the new millennium would have to be found for it's birth. A date with enough cultural references to attract as many people as possible and one that can be promoted as being significant . That date is December 21 2012.

The date of 21-12-2012 will be visually appealing to the believer in the future technological age and will be seen as one of mystery. Others steeped in the belief of numerology will be bemused by it's many permutations. It is a date that when studied from an historical view will be seen to have been foretold by the prophets of the time and many references will be found in the early digital records of the Internet.

December 21 2012 has been chosen as the start of the technological revolution. Whether anything of significance happens on that date will have to be seen. There will be many hoaxes, and there will be many people who will believe that they have experienced something. And maybe they will have.

There are troubled times ahead. We have been warned by the politicians and we have been warned by the Internet and we have been softened up by entertainment to expect big changes. In order for a wide scale implementation of the new technologies to take place, events will have to unfold where they will be called for. Global catastrophes, environmental disasters, pandemics, and economic meltdown. The new technologies can be unveiled as the only solution and they will become a part of our everyday lives.

The time is right for the new technologies. They will benefit Humanity and they are to be introduced soon. Will they be unveiled naturally, as major problems arise, or will there be those who are keen to get the new age started? Will situations be contrived that will leave the governments of the world with no choice but to allow their introduction?

And when the new technologies arrive, will they be reported as being necessary for a society in the 21st century, or will they be reported as contributing to an Orwellian Police state designed to enslave Humanity against it's will?

The Global Village is here. Technology is here. We are about to undergo a giant leap in our understanding. The priests of the new religion will claim that we have experienced a raising in consciousness and they will claim that the new technology is here to enslave us.

Those that can't cope with the coming changes will see these gurus as modern day prophets, correct in what they have been telling us, and here to guide us to the Truth and to comfort. And they will be followed.


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  1. 2012 is definately being promoted a lot. My friend won't shut up about it! Interesting.

  2. I also have a friend like that, more than one in fact, which made me think that something was going on. It should be an interesting year, one way or another.