10 Aug 2011

ET and the Creation of Man

If you believe in the existence of aliens then the propaganda of the new religion has done it's job. A growing number of people believe in, or believe in the possibility of, intelligent alien life forms.

UFOs have long since passed into the human psyche and films like ET and Close Encounters have firmly established the idea that one day Mankind will meet with intelligent beings from another planet.

The Alien agenda will play a large role in the belief system of the new hi-tech society. The sudden rise in our technological capabilities will be attributed to extra-terrestrial influence and there is sure to be a sudden explosion of major UFO sightings.

UFOs will not only be seen as a recent phenomena though, it is also being promoted that we have been visited before. A long, long time ago.

The Story of Creation

The new religion needs a new Story of Creation. The idea of God as the creator of Man is seen as old-fashioned and out of touch with the technological era, and so a new origin for Mankind is needed. A story that is plausible, and that people will accept as in line with their current level of understanding. The new story of creation is one of an alien race who visited earth and genetically engineered the DNA of ancient Man in order to produce Homo Sapien.

The story of ET is the new story of Adam and Eve.

It's human nature to look for answers in the past. To wonder how we got here and how were we made? Inquisitive children ask questions of their parents, and adults discuss the possibilities around firesides and in pubs. We watch history programs and documentaries to see events that shaped the world. We research our family tree to discover the people who make up our genes and we look for clues to how we got our names. We point telescopes at the night sky, to search for a sign that will help to unlock our past. And if we're lucky enough to find a washed up message in a bottle, our imaginations take over and we start a quest to discover it's origins.

The new story of creation is one of alien origins and as humans are yet to travel outside of our solar system, the story will have to be that the extra-terrestrials came here.

The idea of aliens as ancient visitors to earth was first introduced by science fiction writers at the turn of the twentieth century. In 1968 Erich von Daniken released his famous book 'Chariot's of the Gods?' and there has been a steady increase in the promotion of past alien visitation ever since.

The X-Files features a group of aliens called the Colonists who are said to have been on earth at the time of Man's evolution.
They are working with a group called 'The Syndicate' and there is a plan to recolonise the earth on 21 December 2012, again preparing us for major events after this date.

Minerva of 'Those Who Came Before'

'Those who came before' are an ancient alien race in the video game Assassin's Creed. They are also known as the 'First Civilisation' and they are said to have created the Human race as slaves. They are a technologically advanced race who fought a war with Humans and eventually disappeared.

The game contains many ideas of the new religion and it points towards the upcoming battle between the technology companies and the present ruling establishment.

'Abstergo Industries' is a multinational corporation which is marketed as a pharmaceutical development company but, along with it's predecessors, is said to have been responsible for much technological advancement for humanity in the last thousand years. The company aims to acquire the advanced technologies of the First Civilisation.

In the game Abstergo Industries were being investigated by the US Government for poisoning a town while experimenting with 'New Fluoride' and they were to have their accounts frozen, and so the planned date for the launch of their new, secretive satellite was moved forward. The date chosen was 21 December 2012.

Ancient Astronauts

Erich von Daniken's 1968 book 'Chariots of the Gods?' features many examples of propaganda for the new religion.

It promotes the idea that a single group or organisation has been responsible for shaping the history of Mankind and instead of the usual secret societies such as the Illuminati or Freemasons, it goes back further and claims extra-terrestrials as the creators of humanity.

Easter Island's Moai
Von Daniken claims that earth has been visited in the past by 'ancient astronauts' and they were behind the foundation of all major religions and cultures throughout history.
He says they helped Humans to build large structures such as Stonehenge, the Pyramids of Egypt and the Moai of Easter Island, and gave them technology that would have been too advanced for the people of the time, such as the Baghdad Battery.

The idea of ancient alien visitors is sowing the seed of possible alien origins for Mankind and is one that has been heavily promoted on the Internet. The priests of the new religion are busy promoting their research which they claim backs up this theory.

The Anunnaki

The Anunnaki are a group of deities from ancient Mesopotamia. They appear in the Babylonian creation myth 'The Enuma Elish' (the seven tablets of creation) which tells the story of the creation of the world, the universe and of Mankind.

Author Zecharia Sitchin claimed in his book 'The 12th Planet' that the Anunnaki were a group of extra-terrestrials who came to earth from the planet Nibiru in order to mine for gold in southern Africa. They soon grew tired and so genetically manipulated the DNA of Homo Erectus to create a being capable of the necessary skills to do the work for them. This is claimed to be the creation of Homo Sapien.

The tale closely resembles the story of Adam from the bible. God anesthetized Adam to remove some tissue, a rib, and used it to create a new human, Eve. In the same way the Anunnaki Gods anesthetized Homo Erectus and manipulated his DNA to create a new human, modern Man. It's a modern retelling of an old story, using our newly discovered knowledge of genetic engineering to add plausibility and an acceptance of it's validity.

Nibiru and the Anunnaki are a mainstay of the Internet conspiracy movement. They are used heavily as a backdrop to the whole idea of secretive elite bloodlines, suppressed knowledge, and alien origins of Man.

Sitchin's work has been shown to be incorrect by many academics and scholars, but this is easily swept to one side by the believers. The conspiracy movement teaches that knowledge such as this is being suppressed by the establishment, and therefore any evidence presented by mainstream academia is seen as part of the cover-up and is dismissed as propaganda.

The more evidence is presented, the deeper the conspiracy is said to be, and this only goes to reinforce the conditioning of the believer, leaving them susceptible to the real propaganda, the anti-establishment agenda of the new religion.

UFOs in Art

The ancient astronaut theory is promoted by many websites that show examples of artwork which they claim to show evidence of past alien visitations. These websites look for paintings that contain objects which seem out of place, often disc shaped or a strange light, and then claim it as a UFO.

The above image is often said to depict two alien spacecraft with pilots. It is from a fresco in the Visoki Decani Monastery in Kosovo and is one of the most widely known pieces of UFO art.

Spacecraft? top left and top right
The two objects may seem aircraft like, but they are common anthropomorphic representations of the sun and the moon in crucifixion scenes of middle ages art.
The gold coloured sun and the silver moon are always depicted on each side of the cross, looking towards Jesus, with the sun to his right and the moon to his left.

This idea was introduced by the Romans, in order to incorporate their pagan ideas of sun and moon worship into the new Christian religion, and there are many examples of similar scenes which clearly show the sun and the moon.

This is a common tactic of the new religion. It promises the 'Truth' but only delivers a fraction of it. It only shows what it wants us to see in order to continue the illusion it is creating.

The Annunciation, with Saint Emidius
by Carlo Crivelli
Another popular image for evidence of UFOs is that of the Annunciation, the announcement made to Mary that she would conceive a child who would be the Saviour. It is common to see the Annunciation depicted as a ray coming from the heavens.

The image on the left is commonly found on the Internet and the detail is not good. The supposed UFO is actually two rings of angels and from their centre comes a heavenly ray which goes through a dove above Mary's head. The dove, representing the Holy Spirit and often depicted in the Annunciation was also added by the Romans, to continue their worship of the Goddess Venus.

See here for a clear image, and for information on the painting and others that are said to depict UFOs.

UFO Religions

Since the 1950s there has been a rise in the number of religions using the future technological age as cover for their own belief system. They know the world will be changing dramatically and they aim to cash in when the time comes for the new technology to be revealed. Some of their beliefs give an insight to the possibilities for the new society.

The Raelian Movement is a UFO religion with estimated members of 60,000.

Raelien promotion of Alien Origins
They believe that Man was genetically engineered by a race of intelligent extra-terrestrials. These aliens are said to be the Elohim mentioned in the bible.

They claim that past spiritual leaders such as Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha were sent by the Elohim as teachers to Humanity, and they say that this race of advanced beings are planning a return to earth in order to continue their education of Humanity.

They make the same claim of genetically engineered Man as the new global religion, and they too are using the UFO phenomena to explain the arrival of future technologies.

Raelism was founded in 1974 by Claude Vorilhon who goes by the name of Rael.

Raelians believe that the key to eternal life is through human cloning.

In 2000 Rael started 'Clonaid' which claims to be the world's only human cloning company, and Raelian bishop Brigitte Boisselier was chosen as the company's scientific director. Boisselier has a masters degree in biochemistry and doctorates in chemistry from the University of Dijon and the University of Houston and she claims to have successfully cloned a human baby, which she called Eve.

The Raelian Movement and Brigitte Boisselier are keen promoters of human cloning and of the potential offered by the bio-engineering industry.

They say that in 50 years time, it will be possible to clone an individual from their own DNA and have their memory and personality downloaded to the cloned version. Clonaid does not believe a person has a soul, instead they say all information is contained in our genetic codes.

Boisselier says this technology could put an end to acts of terrorism. She says the victims of attacks could be given back their life, and suicide bombers could be brought back to face judgement for their actions, taking away their passage to paradise and making the exercise pointless.

This would require the introduction of a world-wide memory bank which would store a copy of everyones' genetic code, memory and personality, and if ever there was to be a terrorist attack so terrible as to warrant one, they might get their wish.

Scientology is a recognised religion founded by L.Ron Hubbard and it also points to the possibilities of the upcoming technological age.

Scientologist Tom Cruise
It is a belief of Scientology that we are all immortal spiritual beings called 'Thetans'. Although in our present earthly form, we have had many previous incarnations throughout the universe.

Hubbard taught that key 'incidents' have happened to Thetans over the past few trillion years and that these follow a consistent pattern, providing a possible insight of things to come.

John Travolta
A hostile alien civilisation would capture free Thetans and condition their minds into accepting control. They did this with what Hubbard calls an 'Implant'  He said this was "an intentional installation of fixed ideas, contra-survival to the Thetan."

For many, our current way of life goes against their natural inclinations. We work and we consume and we pay our bills, and we have less and less time and energy to explore the things we would really like to do.

The new technologies promise us freedom to live easier lives, and they offer control and management for an organised society. They can be used for the benefit of the many, or they can be used for the benefit of the few, and it's the fear of future enslavement for the masses that is being encouraged and exploited. 

On their website they state -
"The ultimate goal of Scientology is true spiritual enlightenment and freedom for all"
This is also the goal of the new global religion. Both groups know the implications of the new technologies and both are feeding off the fear of an upcoming Orwellian state where humanity is enslaved and freedom is denied and they are creating followings who will look to them for relief from the upcoming 'future shock' of the new society.

Not all new religions will be taking things seriously though.

JR 'Bob' Dobbs "a comic book
character who communicates
with space aliens and worships

The Church of the SubGenius was founded by "the world's greatest salesman" JR 'Bob' Dobbs. They parody religion and UFOs and encourage the use of humour in their religious beliefs.

The church says of it's philosophy -
"The Church Of The SubGenius is an order of Scoffers and Blasphemers, dedicated to Total Slack, delving into Mockery Science, Sadofuturistics, Megaphysics, Scatalography, Schizophreniatrics, Morealism, Sarcastrophy, Cynisacreligion, Apocolyptionomy, ESPectorationalism, Hypno-Pediatrics, Subliminalism, Satyriology, Disto-Utopianity, Sardonicology, Fascetiouism, Ridiculophagy, and Miscellatheistic Theology"
The Church of the SubGenius claim that true SubGenii are descendants of the Yeti, and are the offspring of a union between residents of Atlantis and Humans.

X-Day was a prediction made by the church for the destruction of planet earth by alien invaders called the X-ists (Men from Planet X). Only members of the Church of SubGenius would be saved from this Armageddon, and they would be carried away in the spaceships of the Sex-Goddesses. The predicted date was July 5 1998 and although nothing happened, followers still gather on this date to celebrate this important event and to await their version of the rapture.

Various reasons were given for the non-arrival of the alien invasion in 1998, including that the scriptures had been read upside down and the real year would be 8661.

The New Religion

'Bob' Dobbs claims to be the greatest salesman in the world, but he is wrong.

The greatest salesman in the world has no face or public persona and goes by no name. He goes quietly about his business of creating a belief system for the coming technological age and he skilfully uses gentle persuasion to sell the new Story of Creation.

He is in no rush. He's thinking long-term and he remembers that Christianity took over 300 years to become official doctrine. His work is progressing and there is plenty of time to adjust and refine the finer points of the new religion.

Humanity has a desire for knowledge, and technology has now advanced to the stage where traditional religions are seen as old fashioned and based on superstition and faith.
Modern Man wants reason and logic and he wants beliefs that fit his current understanding of the world.

The new science of human genetic engineering is sure to play a major role in the future of Mankind. We are just beginning to understand the possibilities offered by altering the structure of our DNA, and there is much potential for both good and bad.

The genetic manipulation of DNA is now a well established concept in society and the new religion is using this to promote the story of alien creation. DNA is not only being used to promote the Alien Creation theory though.

The new religion likes to reach as many as possible and for those who respond well to the possibilities of DNA manipulation, it is using the same idea to sell the supposed shift in consciousness due in 2012.

There are many who claim that on 21 December 2012 our DNA will be affected by a burst of gamma rays from the center of the galaxy, and this is another angle being used to explain the sudden raising of consciousness.

We will always find time to discuss alternative ideas to the nature of our origins. We have a natural curiosity to look to our past and our imaginations are fertile. We can't help but look to the stars and wonder what, or who, might be out there?

If the existence of intelligent extra-terrestrial lifeforms becomes the accepted view, and also the possibility that they have been here before, then we will find it plausible they could have genetically altered our ancient DNA to produce Man, and we will find it easy to accept the new story of creation.

There will be many who will be content with Darwin's theory of evolution, but there will always be room for questions, and any anomaly is an opportunity for the new religion to provide an answer.
And the answer will be that Man was created by an extra-terrestrial race using genetic engineering.

This will of course, still leave the question of who created the aliens?

And what if there are no aliens? What will happen in the future if we still have no proof of alien existence? What if we discover that we really are alone, and the people stop believing in their alien origins? Who will then be seen as the creator of Mankind?

That will be a problem for the ruling elite of the time, whoever they may be. And it's a problem that the current ruling elite are addressing right now.


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