8 Jul 2011

It's a Conspiracy!

All religions sell themselves on claims that they are the holders of the 'Truth'. The truth about life, death and the nature of reality. Follow them, they say, for The One True Path.

Book-burning, or the suppression of knowledge, has taken place many times in history for religious, political, and ideological reasons. Mass book burning is no longer viable and so the next best thing is to cast doubt on what we are being taught. When the Internet came along it provided the perfect vehicle to indoctrinate people into accepting that the truth is being kept from us. And so we have the age of the 'Conspiracy Theory'.

Conspiracy theories aim to tell people the 'truth' behind the events that shape the world. They allow their followers to believe that the establishment is keeping knowledge from us and they allow their followers to believe that they are in a small select group who are privy to this knowledge and that the general public are just following the flock in believing what they are told by the mainstream press. They call these people 'The Sheeple'.

Conspiracy theories simplify events into purely 'black and white' terms, where particular people and groups are blamed for all the world's ills. They promote the idea of 'us against them'. They promote the idea of a battle between good and evil.

Types of Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy theories usually fall into one of three groups -

  1. Single events. Was Princess Dianna murdered? Did Man really go to the moon? Was HIV developed in a lab?
  2. By a group. A deliberate plan of action by a single group to attain power in any particular country, region or institution. Usually with plans for world domination. Examples are Jews, Communists, Bankers .
  3. A 'Superconspiracy'. A term coined by political scientist Michael Barkun. This links groups 1 and 2  into an all-reaching conspiracy where virtually everything that happens is controlled and manipulated by a small elite group. They have been responsible for shaping the world we live in and are behind all major events in Human history. They sit at the top of a supposed pyramid structure of world power and they have control over all other groups below them. Examples are The Vatican, The Illuminati, Satanists, Aliens.
Conspiracy Fact

Of course, not everything that is called a conspiracy 'theory' remains that way. Some turn out to be true and factual and are eventually accepted as actual 'conspiracies'.

  • The CIA is an intelligence agency of the United States government and it specialises in covert actions. It's activities are well documented and way too vast to post here. As recently as 2009 though, there has been official confirmation of the CIA engaging in what can only be called a  'conspiracy'. After announcing the termination of an unnamed CIA covert program which was described as 'very serious' in nature and had been kept secret from Congress for eight years, Jan Schakowsky, Chairwoman, U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Subcommittee said -                                                                                                                                                             "It's not as if this was an oversight and over the years it just got buried. There was a decision under several directors of the CIA and administration not to tell the Congress."

  • The Mafia. In October 1963 Joe Valachi gave evidence before a US Senate Committee. He provided details of the history of the Mafia, the families involved, various unsolved murders and the inner workings and rituals. His testimony was broadcast live to the nation. There had been talk about a supposed crime syndicate of Mafia families but this was the first time they had been publicly acknowledged and from that moment on the Mafia could no longer go about their business away from public scrutiny.

  • Global diamond cartel. Until 1870 diamonds were a scarcity. They were mainly found in the jungles of Brazil and a few riverbeds in India. Then some large diamond mines were discovered in South Africa and they became plentiful. The financiers who were making money from the diamond trade conspired to form a cartel in order to control the supply of diamonds. They called the company De Beers Consolidated Mines. They carefully controlled how many diamonds were allowed onto the market while at the same time cultivating the idea that diamonds are rare and valuable and a sign of great esteem.
          They kept supply low and demand high to maximise their profits.
When Harry Oppenheimer took over the running of De Beers in 1957 he was in control of almost the entire world's supply of diamonds and about 40% of the world's gold. When asked which he preferred he replied  "Diamonds every time. People buy diamonds out of vanity. They buy gold because they are too stupid to think of any other monetary system that will work."

Investigative journalist Edward Jay Epstein exposed the conspiracy in his book 'The Rise and Fall of Diamonds'. In 2004 De Beers was fined $10 million by the US Justice Department for fixing diamond prices.

  • Tuskegee syphilis experiment. For forty years between 1932 and 1972 the US Public Health Service ran an experiment in Tuskegee, Alabama. Poor black men from rural areas were promised free health care and those that took up the offer were secretly infected with syphilis. This was left untreated and it's effects documented. The men were never told they had syphilis. Bill Clinton was later to make a formal apology on behalf of the US government.

The Age of the Internet and 9/11

Conspiracy theories have been around for a long time and they became a mainstay of popular culture after the assassination of JFK in 1963. Many books were written over the years about JFK and other conspiracy theories as the public got a taste for the intrigue and a thriving industry grew.

Then something came along that would change things forever. The Internet.

By the mid 1990's the Internet was becoming common place with the general public. As it has grown over the years it has more and more influence over people's lives, and as with all new technology it has been firmly embraced by the younger generations. Youth movements and institutions have always been used to indoctrinate young people and the Internet is no different.

The Internet is awash with conspiracy theories. Every modern day myth of the 'dark forces' that pull the strings is heavily promoted. Do a search for items on the Illuminati, Freemasons, Vatican, Secret Societies, and Aliens and you will find literally hundreds of thousands of videos on YouTube.

The Internet also provides websites and forums for people to become immersed in a completely one-sided view. It allows people to go straight to a place where their fellow believers congregate and they are there to provide reassurance when a persons beliefs are being challenged. Where traditional religions use places of worship and the ritual of prayer for it's followers to find comfort and strength, the new believer is only one click away from their very own place of solace.

The Twin Towers

The Internet was clearly going to have a major role to play in any future society and if anyone wanted to launch a recruitment campaign, the World Wide Web was the place to do it from.

On 11 September 2001 the attack on the twin towers of the World Trade Centre provided the perfect vehicle for a major propaganda campaign to convert as many people as possible to the new belief system. The belief system that questions the motives of the very people who are supposedly here to protect us.

9/11 has been hi-jacked by the Internet. There are many holes in the official version of events of that day and this is being exploited. This is being used to promote the idea that if the official story is not true, then they are lying to us. And if they are lying to us then it must mean that they have something to hide and if they have something to hide then it must mean that they did it. This is the main thrust of the 9/11 conspiracy theory, that the attacks on the World Trade Centre were carried out by the United States government.

This has led to the ever growing use of the slogan  '9/11 Was An Inside Job'. Go to many conspiracy sites on the Internet and you'll see this slogan used liberally. You'll hear it being used often by modern-day soothsayers who have made a living out of promoting this view.

And you'll see more and more people wearing t-shirts proclaiming  '9/11 was an inside job' when once they would have read 'Jesus Saves'.

People are accepting that it is all black and white. That if the official version of events is not true than the only other explanation is that those in charge must have been responsible. This is far too simplistic and there are many reasons why the official version of an event of this magnitude would contain holes.

The attacks penetrated the air defenses of the world's only super-power and if details of these failings were to become known it could have serious repercussions for the future of the country on the world stage.

It was the events of 9/11 that have had the biggest impact in getting people to question the official version of history. Many people say that this was when they 'woke up' to what was really happening in the world. The term 'waking up' is another motto of the new religion and it echos previous religious revivals such as 'The Great Awakenings' in America of the 18th,19th and early 20th centuries

See here for the astonishing amount of videos and documentaries about 9/11, and see here for some of the people who are spreading disinfo and also the reason why.

Have We Been Here Before?

The term 'Conspiracism' means a world-view that places importance on conspiracy theories in historical events and the current climate has been seen before. In 'The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution' Bernard Bailyn notes that this conspiracism was prevalent in the time leading up to the American Revolution. So is something brewing?

The idea behind book burning is not only to destroy the book. The book only contains an idea that is held by someone else. If the goal is to destroy an ideology then the authors of the books and the people who read them would have to be destroyed also.

History is full of accounts of book-burning closely followed by mass murder. The Chinese Qin Dynasty destroyed books on history and philosophy and then buried alive large numbers of intellectuals. The Romans burned Christian books and then commenced the persecution of the Christians themselves and the Nazis burned scores of books by Jews, communists and socialists and then went on to kill the people whose ideology the books represented.

German author Heinrich Heine said that the burning of the actual books -

"...was mere foreplay. Where they have burned books they will end by burning human beings"

Heine wrote those words in 1821 and in 1933 they were cast to the flames along with many others at the hands of the German Stormtroopers with help from the Hitler Youth.

Michael Barkun argues that conspiracy theories are so prevalent in American society that they have the potential of replacing democracy as the major focus of political thought by the public.

The Internet campaign of book burning is overwhelmingly anti-establishment. It seeks to destroy the official line. What will become of the authors of the books they wish to eradicate and what will become of those who read them?


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