22 Jul 2011

Here Come the New Gods

There are people in this world who know a secret. A secret that helps them to obtain power and to keep power. Kings, Queens, Emperors and spiritual leaders have used this knowledge throughout history for the benefit of themselves and their families and to create dynasties that would rule for generations.

They know that if they can convince people that they were personally chosen to be the representative of a god, and it's a god that the people have an absolute belief in, then the people will fear going against their god's will and they will not try to overthrow the ruler.

With the creation of a new religion comes the creation of a new god and the opportunity to claim the right to rule by the divine authority of this new God.

Different groups are working together to create the new religion and each is seeking to gain the highest possible position in the power structure of any future society.

They will be claiming to be the representatives of the new god and each will be claiming to be the rightful rulers of a new global kingdom.

Chosen by God

The earliest holy men were those who were most capable of communicating with the spirits when in an induced trance. The holy man's ability to communicate with the gods and spirits more readily than others was seen as evidence that he had been chosen for this by the gods themselves. When people wanted to ask the gods and spirits for favours, or thank them for fear of retribution, they would bring offerings to the holy man. He became relatively wealthy and it gave him power. And those that have power usually like to keep it.

Egyptian gods Set and Horus
crown the Pharaoh 
The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt were considered to be incarnations of the god Horus in life and then Osiris in death. In later dynasties the worship of a new god came to prominence and the Pharaohs adapted to the times and identified themselves with this new god, the sun-god Ra, and he became their patron.

This is the same situation we find ourselves in today with the emergence of a new god and just like the Pharaohs our leaders are creating new myths that they can be a part of.

In ancient Japan it was usual for each clan to claim descent from a god. Japanese Emperors are considered to be descended from the kami, gods of Shinto tradition and they are said to have direct lineage to the sun-goddess Amaterasu.

The Pope claims to be the successor to Saint Peter who was personally appointed by the son of God to be his spokesman here on earth. He is the head of the Catholic Church and the spiritual leader of over 1 billion Catholics worldwide.

Kyrios Kaisar -
Caesar is Lord
From the time of Augustus, the Imperial Cult of ancient Rome acknowledged the role of Emperor to be divinely sanctioned and after their deaths they were deified.

James I of England
 VI of Scotland
The Divine Right of Kings was a system of rule used in Europe where a monarch was subject to no earthly authority and he governed by the will of God. A king's actions could only be judged by God and not by the people. The doctrine says that any attempt to remove the monarch from power would be seen as going against God's will and deemed a sacrilegious act.

Although the Divine Right is no longer used to claim legitimacy, the coronation of the British monarch still indicates appointment by God. The monarch is anointed with oil known as Chrism (the word Christ means 'annointed one') and this signifies divine influence.

United States of America

Although the US is predominantly Christian, it is officially a secular nation. The Church and the State are separate. When a President takes the Oath of Office he or she is not required to do so on a bible or to mention God. Although most Presidents choose to for their own personal belief or because of tradition, it's not a requirement. Theodore Roosevelt chose not to use a bible while others chose to use two. John Quincy Adams took his oath on a book of law.

The Apotheosis of Washington
Inside the dome of the Capitol building is a giant fresco titled 'The Apotheosis of Washington'. It shows the father of this new nation, George Washington ascending into heaven and reaching god-like status. It's capital city was named after him and the country is built on his story.

The myth of George Washington is one of virtue and freedom and it's these ideals that the followers of this modern-day deity are taught to have faith in. They are seen as values to be cherished by all, no matter what faith or cultural origins. George Washington is seen as a hero to the people of the US and it's this cult of the hero that's playing it's part in the formation of the new religion.

The New Gods

The new religion aims to replace Christianity and it's idea of God. It sees the biblical version of God as being old-fashioned and superstitious and is replacing him with a newer, modern version. An idea of God that people can accept as being in line with their current thinking.

The God of the new religion is one that is inside of Man and not external to him. We can reach him through meditation and he is being praised and satisfied by gifts of selfishness. We are being taught to worship ourselves, to become our own hero and to become our own god.

And when Man becomes his own god there will be those who see themselves as being the most important gods of all. The gods who were responsible for shaping Humanity.

The new religion aims not only to unite people under a common belief system and moral framework, but like all religions it will also seek to make sense of the world around us. A world that is changing at a rate never seen before. A world of technological transformation.

Society is changing dramatically. Working habits, social lives, methods of communication and financial transactions are being steered by new forms of technology and the future society is one based on contact not from person to person but from machine to machine.

This sudden change in social interaction can lead to problems. The introduction of new technologies can be unpredictable and the knock-on effects of their use are often not foreseen. The industrial revolution not only brought advancements for humanity, it also brought disease caused by unsuitable living conditions, and a rise in child labour because of poorly designed work spaces.

Society suffered because of the lack of a suitable infra-structure to cope with the new technology and lessons have to be learned. The new technological revolution needs to be managed and the groundwork has to be prepared for it's full introduction.

This requires the help and co-operation of the companies that develop the new technologies and those that will benefit from their introduction. The heads of these corporations are willing to help but they want a return on their investment. They want a seat at the top table.

The Mandate of Heaven and the New Rulers

Similar to the European Divine Right of Kings is the Chinese philosophy of The Mandate of Heaven. Both claim to legitimize rule by divine authority. However, whilst the Divine Right says that the people can not overthrow the ruler chosen by God no matter how bad their actions, the Mandate of Heaven says differently.

The Mandate of Heaven says that a ruler who is unjust will lose the authority of God. If he is overthrown and removed from power and is replaced by a new ruler, this is seen as proof of the mandate. God's authority would then be transferred to the new, fairer ruler. This allowed for one tribe to conquer another and to claim legitimate rule over them.

With Man being taught to become his own god, anyone who wants to rule by the will of God will have to do so by the will of Man. By the will of the people. We will have to give them, or appear to give them our blessing.

And anyone who wants to replace the current rulers using a modern version of the Mandate of Heaven will have to claim that the gods, us, have given their approval to do so, as the present rulers have been cruel and unjust.
On-line role-playing game
Gods & Heroes Rome Rising

There is an active campaign to undermine the current ruling elite. Rightly or wrongly, we are being encouraged to lose faith in our leaders and the system they represent. There have been revolutions in north Africa, political protests in Asia and marches and rallies throughout Europe by people who are standing up to the present system and saying that they want a change.

People are being taught to become heroes and with advancements in modern technology we are being prepared for a future when Man and machine combine and we will transcend our normal human capabilities.

We will become our very own super-heroes and the new rulers will be the most powerful super-heroes of all. The ones with the best gadgets. The ones with the best technology.

The Internet and the priests of the conspiracy movement are warning of dire times to come. They warn of an impending Orwellian dictatorship and they say it will be imposed by the current rulers, but are they pointing their fingers at the wrong people? Is it the technology companies and their corporate allies who are aiming to impose this society?

Are they preparing to invoke a new Mandate of Heaven and are we, the new gods, being conditioned to give them our mandate to overthrow the present rulers and to appoint themselves as the new rulers of the world?


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