15 Jul 2011

The Eye and The Pyramid

The music industry helping the
symbols of the New Religion
to become accepted
Religions use symbols to advertise themselves and to give a visual reminder of their core beliefs and the new religion is no different. These symbols are being pushed at us through every aspect of modern culture from Hollywood movies to MTV and from video games to crop circles. They are entering the public's subconscious and we are becoming accustomed to accepting them as a normal part of our everyday lives. Two of the most prominent symbols of the new religion are the image of an eye and the image of a pyramid and they are both being heavily promoted.

The new religion takes things from the past and puts a new spin on them. A story will be weaved based on few facts and many distortions and from this will come a new belief system of world history that is contrary to the accepted view.

In the case of the Eye and the Pyramid the story that is being sold is the story of 'The Secret Rulers of the World'.

Lady Gaga
The Eye is said to be the 'All-Seeing Eye', a symbol representing the ever-watchful secret rulers of the world. Variations of this symbol can be found in many countries and cultures and the new religion is claiming they are all linked by an evil elite.
The Pyramid symbol is also said to represent the secret rulers of the world, this time showing the supposed pyramid structure of it's organisation. The Pyramid is often depicted with a missing capstone and this is said to signify the few at the top of the pyramid sitting separate from all who are below.

They are the Elite and they are our masters.

The two ways that these symbols are being pushed most heavily are with pop music and the Internet conspiracy movement. These two industries are working together to sell these symbols and they are succeeding.

MTV and The Music Industry

The pop music industry is promoting a lot of the symbols and ideas associated with the new religion with many being introduced to the public through videos, album covers and stage shows, and two of the most visible are the Eye and the Pyramid. These are being pushed through acts such as Jay-Z, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Rihanna. These artists don't have to be aware of what they are doing, they have managers and stylists to help them achieve the right look.

And what easier way to reach the required level of fame and fortune than flashing some hand-signs and wearing a particular outfit. A definite case of mutual back-scratching and both parties win.


Christina Aguilera

A lot of people are noticing these symbols and this is the whole point.

We are supposed to be noticing them. How can we not? They are everywhere.

With more and more artists using these symbols, more and more people are noticing and some are asking questions. Some are asking what all these symbols could mean and why so many celebrities are using them?

The place many go to find the answers is the Internet.

And who better than the priests of the conspiracy movement to reveal to us the true hidden meaning of these symbols?

The meanings that the elite don't want us to know but which they, the keepers of the truth will reveal to us.

Illuminati Puppets
The Conspiracy movement tells us that these artists are working for the Bad Guys. They tell us that Jay-Z and Lady Gaga and all the others are puppets of the Illuminati. They tell us that they are flashing the symbols of their masters to show us that they have power over us and that they are involved in every aspect of our lives. (see The Myth of the Illuminati)

They tell us that the reason that this symbolism is being seen so often is that the Illuminati are getting more and more confident in their grip on power. They are so confident they are starting to boast over their control of the masses.

And we are told that the time for them to realise their plan for total world domination is near. They are finalising their plans for seizing control and big changes are about to happen.

The 'Illuminati' has become a catch-all term for the group who are the supposed true rulers of the world. They sit at the top of a pyramid structure with all other organisations below them.

There are various representations of this structure on the Internet, the one on the right shows the Illuminati's relationship to various secret societies which are claimed to be satanic. Others will have the lower levels filled with different religions and governments who are all subservient to those at the top.

Whichever version is talked about, the aim is always the same.

We are being led to believe that there is a secret organisation which rules the world. Not only does it have control over all others below it on the pyramid, it actually created these groups to reach as many different people as possible. Every government, religion, King or Queen, secret society, university, newspaper and TV station, bank, capital city and corporation was created by the Illuminati and it's off-shoots in order to have complete control over the whole world and everyone who lives in it.

Whenever we see a celebrity making the pyramid hand sign, it's aim is not only to get the public to accept it as an everyday symbol in the same way that the crucifix once was, but also for them to understand that it is somehow significant. That it has meaning.

It reinforces the myth of the pyramid structure of the Illuminati. It reinforces the idea that they are at the top and we are at the bottom.

The US One Dollar Bill

Another group who are said to be seeking world domination are Freemasons.

The US one dollar bill is used by the conspiracy movement to sell the belief that the symbol of a pyramid with the All-Seeing Eye is a masonic symbol and it was put onto the Great Seal of the US to show that Freemasons have complete control over the world's most powerful nation.

This is not the case though. The pyramid on the Great Seal was adopted by Freemasons, not the other way around.

Charles Thomson was the man charged with finalising the design of what was to become the Great Seal. He said of the image -
The pyramid signifies Strength and Duration: The Eye over it & the Motto allude to the many signal interpositions of providence in favour of the American cause
This symbol was first used on the US Great Seal and it was later unofficially adopted by individual masonic lodges as they were inspired by it's imagery. Freemasons had previously used the 'Eye of God' but they had not used the pyramid.

The All-Seeing Eye
Supper at Emmaus
by Jacopo Pontormo 1525
There are many cultures and religions who have used the image of an eye to represent an all-seeing, all-knowing deity. The human eye's ability to communicate with it's subject and to reveal thoughts and emotions makes it the perfect symbol. It makes eye contact and it gets people's attention.

The Christian version of the symbol is the 'Eye of Providence'. It is enclosed in a triangle symbolising the Holy Trinity and is often surrounded by rays of light, or glory, meaning a manifestation of God's presence. This was a common depiction in post middle-ages Christianity and features in much artwork from the time. It was an accepted and well known image at the time of the design of the Great Seal.

The Eye of Providence in a triangle will often be misrepresented as the All-Seeing Eye in a pyramid and this is how the new religion works. It borrows from the past and creates it's own version of reality.

Eye of Horus
Another Eye that has been used in the past and is being resurrected is The Eye of Horus from Egyptian mythology. You can see this symbol appearing everywhere from MTV to the girl next door with her new tattoo.

The new religion uses many parts of ancient Egyptian culture to weave it's new story and it continually takes things out of context to paint a false picture of history.

No matter what the use and meaning of the original symbol, the new religion will claim that it represents the evil All-Seeing Eye. Wherever a stylised, single eye has been depicted in the past, the new religion will use it as evidence of a mysterious, long-standing cult who are the secret rulers of the world.

The Cult of the All-Seeing Eye.

Musical Truth

The pop music industry and the conspiracy movement are working together in helping to create a new belief system.

The artists promote the symbols and the conspiracy movement pretends to expose them.

An entire industry has grown from people claiming to know the truth behind the meaning of these symbols. There are many Internet gurus and websites telling their followers of the secretive elite who the symbols represent but the real truth is somewhat different.

The reason that these symbols are being advertised is exactly that. It is advertising. The people 'exposing' these symbols are marketing them. They make people feel good for their genuine wish to fight the bad guys while at the same time they sell these new symbols as well as any other well-practised PR man.

The symbols we see being promoted so blatantly will be the new symbols of the new religion. It will take many years for the new faith to be complete and the meanings of these symbols can be changed along the way.

An example of this is the skull and crossbones. It was once a recognised symbol for poison. It's meaning has changed with the modern fascination for pirates and it doesn't have the same impact anymore. Children are starting to like it instead of fearing it. The meaning behind a symbol can be easily changed with time and in the same way, whilst the pyramid and the eye are now being used as a focal point for people's battle against an imagined evil, they will in the future have new meaning attached to them.

They will be seen as representations of Good and they will be revered by the masses.

Until that time comes, the new religious symbols will be promoted more and more. The image of an eye can be seen everywhere. Look through many glamour magazines and you will find photos of people with the attention drawn to one eye.

The new religion is seen by many not as a tool for control. It is seen as a tool for good. A system of world management. A system which will work for all and allow all to live happily.

Not all acts promoting the new religion are totally unaware of what is happening.
Bono: Still hasn't found
what he's looking for

Musicians have a long history of promoting world peace. Artists of all kinds have sang and talked of their desire for a one world brotherhood. A global family of like minded people with common beliefs and common goals. A world without war and the fear of persecution.

John Lennon talked about this and he famously sang -
"You may think I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one"
He was right, he's not the only one. There are many people working towards this end and where there's seen to be a good cause, there also has to be seen this man. Bono.


  1. What a stupid ending hhahahaha

  2. Interesting stuff

  3. hey i appreciate you looking at the symbolism without the dose of paranoia that seems to run rampant in our culture. we are coming together as one, it IS scary, but it is ultimately and infinitely grand

  4. You havent actually got to the point of what it actually will lead to in the future. I feel like I understand the symbols are to promote 'world order' but what and who are these people that think they are going to control the whole world as one? and if this is the case then why have they left it until now to start promoting themselves when they formed in the 1700's?

  5. Hi. I will be giving my opinion on all of your points in future articles, so please bear with me. The reason it is happening now is because of the sudden explosion in the rate of technological change. This will create a new society so different to previous ones, traditional belief systems will be out of date and unable to answer people's questions. Have a look at 'Here Come The New Gods' and 'Technology, 2012 and a New Consciousness' to hopefully answer parts of your questions, but please check back to read more. Thanks! (sorry, I can't get the links to post!)

  6. I don't really care what this crap is. I'm just sick of seeing it and the fact that many people are so darn gullible and impressionable they fall googaga over it the moment they see it in a video and whatnot.

    I have relatives that love to sit up and talk about this stuff and point it out. On one hand they go- "Its so creepy, they're worshipping satan! it's a secret society.."
    But on the other hand they want to go, "I wonder what goes on in it..." Or, "I wonder if I know someone whose into it..."
    From these statements you can tell they are more interested in it, than they are frightened.

    Like you said, it seems to be a scheme basically where performers are promoting it, people are falling for it, and soon 100 or so years from now, it will be the basis of a new world order in general. Typically SHEEPeople Movement.

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