26 Aug 2013

How To Create A New Global Religion

The Illuminati : An Updated Version Of the Devil
as the new evil enemy to Mankind
A new global religion is being created to help manage the negative impact on society of the technological revolution. The mass media is being used to instill belief systems which will form the worldview of this major new religion.

The current dominant religion of the Western World, Christianity, has been so successful in appealing to the Western mindset, the new religion is using it as a template and simply replacing it's key elements with new updated versions.

The New Worldview
Aliens : The New
Story of Creation

  • The Eye and the Pyramid are replacing the Crucifix as familiar unifying symbols present in our daily lives
  • The Illuminati is a modern day carbon-copy of the idea of the Devil as the cause of evil in the world
  • The New Story of Creation is one where Aliens are replacing God as the creator of Man
  • Meditation is replacing Prayer as the means of being in contact with the universal unseen force of nature
  • December 21 2012 will replace the resurrection of the Christ of Christianity as a major event for Humanity and an anchor point for a new global religion
(For more on the reasons for the New Religion please see 'The Technological Revolution : The Reason for the New Religion')

The Symbols of the New Religion

The pop music business and the Conspiracy Movement have been spearheading the introduction of the Eye and the Pyramid as the symbols of the New Religion.

MTV has been instrumental in bringing the symbols of the Eye and the Pyramid into the public awareness. Computer games, Hollywood movies
and fashion designers have continued this trend, and the symbols of the Eye and the Pyramid are fast becoming as common in our everyday lives as once was the crucifix.

These symbols are now replacing the crucifix on prominent buildings; the public now wear these symbols as they once wore the crucifix; and our subconscious minds now see them as familiar and unifying as the crucifix once was to earlier generations.

For those curious minds who investigate the appearance of these symbols, they will be met on the Internet by the Conspiracy Movement, which will tell them that although the symbols are used by an evil group called the Illuminati to bring them power and success , the symbols themselves are not evil, and if wanted, they can be used to bring power and success to anyone who chooses. In this way, the Eye and the Pyramid are destined to become the good luck charms of the followers of the New Religion.

(For more detail on this please see 'The Eye and the Pyramid')

The Illuminati - The New Version of the Devil

For significant numbers of people, belief in the Illuminati as the cause of evil in the world, is now every bit as strong as the Christian belief in the Devil. The Conspiracy Movement is the vehicle which is driving this belief in the new evil enemy to Mankind, an evil enemy created as a modern-day version of the Christian Devil -
  • The Devil was commonly depicted as a Serpent, meaning a snake / The Illuminati are commonly depicted as reptilians, the class of animal to which the snake belongs
  • The Devil was believed to shape-shift into different forms / The Illuminati are believed to shape-shift between their reptilian form and their Human form
  • The Devil used hidden powers to cause natural disasters, failed crops, freak weather / The Illuminati uses hidden technology to cause natural disasters, failed crops, freak weather
  • The Devil possessed individuals to commit evil acts / The Illuminati possess individuals using implants and mind control techniques to commit evil acts
  • The Devil commanded a force of demons to help with his evil deeds / The Illuminati commands a force often referred to as 'Puppets of the Illuminati' to help with their evil deeds
  • The Devil was the evil enemy to Mankind, a common enemy for Christians to unite against / The Illuminati is the evil enemy to Mankind, a common enemy for followers of the New Religion to unite against
(For more on this please see 'The Myth of the Illuminati')
The New Story of Creation
Creator in Human Form

A story of creation is fundamental to the worldview of any religion, as it defines who we are, where we came from and our place in the universe. The New Religion is replacing the outdated story of God creating Man with an updated version of Aliens creating Man.

Creator in Human Form
Peoples' understanding of science was once at a level where the story of God creating Man from dust and removing a rib to create Woman was credible and believable. We would now call this process 'Genetic Engineering' and God's role as the creator of Man using genetic engineering is being replaced by Aliens as the creator of Man using genetic engineering.

The Human mind is agreeable to the Creator being one of Human form, and so our belief in Aliens must be one of a belief in Aliens of Human form.

The Story of Creation is such a key element to the success of the New Religion, that although there is no evidence at all of Humanoid alien life forms, a long running and widespread media campaign has successfully created a belief in humanoid aliens

Where once, people could see no alternative to the story of the Garden of Eden, they now see no alternative to the idea of other life forms in the universe. There is not a single part of the mass media which has not been used to promote a belief in Aliens, and the innumerable newspaper stories, books, TV shows (both as entertainment and documentaries) and Hollywood movies have ensured that this belief in aliens is now part of the very fabric of society. The campaign has been so widespread and so successful that a large percentage of people can now place their belief system somewhere on the following ladder, with the final rung being the new Story of Creation (For more on this please see 'ET and the Creation of Man') -

Alien Life Forms Must Exist
Aliens are visiting Earth using advanced technology/UFOs
 Aliens have advanced technology so have visited Earth in the past
Aliens have visited Earth in the past and genetically engineered Humans

The New Way to Contact God

Contacting the unseen force behind nature. From clasping the hands and looking down in prayer,
to opening the hands and looking up in meditation
The means to allow it's followers to develop their spiritual side has been provided by the New Religion with the introduction to the Western World of Eastern philosophies and the act of meditation.

The lecturers and visitors of the Esalen Institute in California have, for the last 50 years, been writing books, making movies and promoting 'self-improvement' to prepare us for when technology will allow Humans to take on the role of 'God' in shaping the world around us, in possessing God-like 'supernatural' powers and to possibly becoming immortal (please see 'Belief in the New God'), but the Esalen Institute has also been continuing the work of the New Age Movement in promoting an Eastern philosophy of spirituality which has given the followers of the New Religion a means of contacting the invisible force behind nature, a desire of Humans evident throughout history.

This desire to contact an invisible force behind nature, whether 'The Spirit World', 'The Gods' or simply 'God' has been attempted by almost all societies, using many means; taking hallucinogenic drugs, the placing of hands on cave walls, seances, chanting, dancing, singing, and many more, including the preferred method of the current dominant religion of the Western World, Christianity; the practice of prayer.

The New Religion has given it's followers a way to carry on with this practice by introducing meditation to the Western World. With slight adjustments to the sitting position, and the palms now facing upwards instead of clasped together, meditation provides a familiar feel to the traditional practice of prayer in the quest to make contact with, and to communicate with our own personal version of the universal force behind nature.

December 21 2012 : The Birth of the New Religion

As the Story of Creation gives it's followers an anchor point to who they are and where they come from, so too does the date of the formation of the religion which they follow. This date refers to a particular event which defines the whole purpose and identity of their religion. In the case of Christianity, the event was the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and in the case of the New Religion, this date is December 21 2012.

The time leading up to this date was awash with media reports of a possible doomsday scenario. Hollywood movies were made predicting the end of the world, prophesies from many cultures, particularly of the Mayan civilisation were misrepresented to signal a cataclysmic change of the earth and it's people, and the supposed Age of Aquarius was conveniently brought forward to coincide with this date.

The common factor between all these reports and predictions was one of change and transformation. The 2012 campaign was one to prepare us for a major transformation in the world around us, but it will not be a change due to any one particular event, but one due to the exponential rate in technological progress and the coming of the Technological Revolution which will indeed signal a major upheaval in society and the world around us.

The changes in society and the way we live our every day lives will prove too much for some people to cope. Individuals will suffer from 'Future Shock', a term coined by writer and futurist Alvin Toffler, causing psychological problems which will affect society as a whole. People will look for answers to how the world had changed so much in such a short space of time, and the New Religion is being created to offer comfort and support to these people. It will point to the date of December 21 2012 as a time when the world underwent a major change. And when people look at the date they will see a sequence of digits which will appeal to their inner selves, and they will allow themselves to believe that this particular sequence of digits does indeed hold some magic within it. And they will happily accept the New Religion.